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Use A lifetime of in a sentence - Example Sentences for A lifetime of


George Bernard Shaw once exclaimed, "A lifetime of happiness! No man alive could bear it: it would be hell on Earth.

" The old rock star wrote a book of his reminiscences of a lifetime of sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll.

He has a deep throaty voice as a result of a lifetime of smoking cigars.

For millions, living and working conditions were poor, and the hope of escaping from a lifetime of poverty was slight.

1992 the Hamid Sayani Trophy for a lifetime of all-round excellence in radio and television.

These satellites are designed with a lifetime of 10 to 12 years, a reduced weight of only 750 kg, and offer an additional L-Band navigational signal.

After a lifetime of battle, Norman was approached by Virgil to become the guardian.

Under the influence of a Kataan probe, in just 25 minutes, Capt. Picard lives a lifetime of events on this world.

But liberalizing prices meant that the elderly and others on fixed incomes would suffer a severe drop in living standards, and people would see a lifetime of savings wiped out.

It is also claimed that the financial costs of a complete death penalty case exceed the total costs of a lifetime of incarceration.

The Journal of physical chemistry 1983, 87, (15), 2657 Laidler, K.; King, C, A lifetime of transition-state theory.

December 2000. *Irving Kriesberg, A Lifetime of Achievement, Paintings from 1952-2002.

His painting springs from a lifetime of creatively combining patterns and fabric as a fashion designer and manufacturer.

But the prime minister suggests a more hideous punishment: "He loves your grandmother and your grandmother loves him - let him marry her and spend a lifetime of uninterrupted bliss!"

Even the offspring of slaves also were born into a lifetime of slavery, as in 1661, Virginia passed a law that made the status of the mother determine slave or free status of the child.
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