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Use Volkswagen in a sentence - Example Sentences for Volkswagen


Ferdinand Porsche, who later went on to build sports cars bearing his own name, designed the original 1936 Volkswagen.

The German Volkswagen made its debut on February 26, 1936.

He paid a ridiculously high price for his car just because he was determined to buy a convertible Volkswagen Beetle.

In November 2009, Volkswagen-Porsche overtook Toyota to become the world's largest car manufacturer in terms of production, as the German group benefits from state-backed stimulus packages around the world.

It remained the smallest model in the Volkswagen range until 1998, when the Volkswagen Lupo was introduced.

In Belgium, the "Vehicles for God" initiative, which provides the "ruck sack priests" with motorbikes and later with 120 Volkswagen Beetles to reach their flocks, is launched.

Type 1 Like the Beetle, the first Transporters (bus) used the Volkswagen air cooled engine, a 1.1 L, PS (; ), air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine mounted in the rear.

Clarkson created an amphibious Nissan pickup (the "Nissank"), Hammond built a new Volkswagen Transporter ; May upgraded and used the same Triumph Herald he had used in the original challenge.
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