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Use battle against in a sentence - Example Sentences for battle against


The battle against illegal drugs is going nowhere.

We have to rethink our attitude towards the issue.

The military government is losing its battle against pro-democracy guerrillas, and appears ready to negotiate.

Recent reports from the region suggest that the government is losing the battle against the guerrillas.

In 60 A.


, the Romans' were victorious in their battle against the tribes living in Britain at that time.

Our good friend and colleague, Henry Thompson, lost his battle against AIDS this past weekend.

Scientists working in the battle against cancer are hoping to be able to manipulate the DNA of a cancer sufferer so that the disease kills itself.

Lowell considers that their presence proves the existence of inhabitants on Mars, who, by means of a Titanic system of irrigation, are fighting a losing battle against the gradual desiccation of their planet.

We have now arrived at the end of the twelfth century, and for the fourth time the Western Continent is assembled to do battle against the East.

The real battle against pellagra must be won through agrarian reforms: but in the meantime the local authorities could in no small degree aid the unhappy population with their counsel, by enlightening the peasants regarding the risks they run, as well as by informing them of the various forms of organised aid actually established in the neighbourhood and often unknown to the public or feared by them, because of the ignorance and prejudice with which they are profoundly imbued!

Accurate contact information (Web sites, phone numbers), it seems, is only a stopgap measure in the battle against obsolescence.

And I think, earlier this year, of Serbia, where the bones of Prince Lazar, the martyr of the battle against the Turks in 1389, have become hallowed in history and whose legends were written down by church scribes and canonized in cycles of folk poetry.

txt The SEC's Battle Against Selective Disclosure Sometimes a situation seems so obviously wrong that you can't believe it's allowed to continue.

" This is pretty much the story of the SEC's battle against the selective disclosure of significant financial and business information by companies to investment bank analysts and large institutional investors, who routinely get looks inside companies and notifications of changes in future outlooks long before everyone else does.

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The word battle against

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