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Use beam of light in a sentence - Example Sentences for beam of light


A beam of light came down from the spaceship as it prepared to land.

A beam of light through the window woke the professor up out of a deep sleep.

We found a beam of light in the night sky.

It was revealed that Gavyn was converted into pure energy, which became the source of the beam of light that struck Will Payton, a later Starman, granting him his powers.

If the particle has a higher refractive index than the liquid surrounding it then it behaves as a convex lens and focuses a parallel beam of light on the side opposite the source of the light.

Obstacles and traps * Lasers : These appear like a beam of light stretching between two metal gaskets.

She can also transform herself into a beam of light that strikes through her opponent.

A beam of light was focused on the mirror which caused a vibrating light to hit a solar cell and produce the audio signal.

A film recorder will expose film with a beam of light output by a CRT (Lasergraphics) or a focused beam of light from an LVT (Light Valve Technology) recorder (Kodak).

The Keywork A visible beam of light that goes through each planet and supplies energy.

His trenchant summaries unite with an unusual power of synthesis in one beam of light the diverse aspects of a problem hidden at the first approach in its complexity.
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The word beam of light

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