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Use beamed back from in a sentence - Example Sentences for beamed back from


The enormous number of photos which have been beamed back from the moon have permitted scientists to map its surface.

The dark bands in the distances are dunes. 96 photos: Mars rover Curiosity Another of the first images beamed back from NASA's Curiosity rover on August 6, 2012, is the shadow cast by the rover on the surface of Mars.

He is immediately beamed back to the Enterprise for medical treatment.

When said 'ship' appears Picard orders that the Away Team be beamed back aboard.

Cameras mounted on Curiosity's remote sensing mast have beamed back fresh images of the site.

It beamed back more than 30,000 images of the rocky world inside the asteroid belt before heading to its final destination.

It will be a few days before the new images are beamed back to Earth..

New Horizons already has beamed back the best-ever images of Pluto and big moon Charon.

New Horizons has already beamed back the best-ever images of Pluto and its big moon, Charon, on the far fringes of the solar system.
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The word beamed back from

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