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Use bear fruit in a sentence - Example Sentences for bear fruit


We planted an apple tree which finally began to bear fruit in its third year.

Your effort will surely bear fruit.

His effort will bear fruit.

The quest for social and political peace among men is, above all, a moral problem, because no reform can bear fruit, no agreement lasting without a conversion and cleansing of heart.

Examining how writing is taught, from elementary school through graduate programs, in order to understand how the seeds that usher new writers into the world begin to bear fruit.

Still, Indra put forth a curse on the stolen branch that it will never bear fruit even though the flowers may bloom on the tree.

They will live and bear fruit."

This appeal by the Secretary was to bear fruit six years later when after hard years of fund-raising the club purchased a field at The Commons, Fair Hill.

Organization, funding, and diplomacy The first political defeats of the comuneros came in October 1520. The comuneros' attempt to use Queen Joanna for legitimacy did not bear fruit, as she blocked their initiatives and refused to sign any edicts.

By that time the Lavi had cost the Defense Ministry 6.4 billion dollars in funding for a development that had yet to bear fruit.

Furthermore, a specific variety or even a single tree may also bear fruit in several shapes and sizes.

Her plan failed to bear fruit because her term in office was relatively brief.

Plants may bear fruit of all descriptions (pie trees and shoe trees are common) or they may be carnivorous (such as the tangle trees), making travel in Xanth risky.

1968 This was a year of steady improvement, in numbers, as the urgent recruiting efforts began to bear fruit, in trade training, as increasing numbers qualified as a result of intensive work and in familiarity with the techniques of the new role.

Our hopes are that the Partners will continue to support them in their work, and that all the hard effort of developing the Strategies will bear fruit in plenty in years to come.

Most of the banana plantations were destroyed and a banana tree will not bear fruit for another two years!

Vasubandhu says that 'these acts do not perish, even after hundreds of millions of cosmic kalpas, on meeting the right combination of conditions they bear fruit.'
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