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Use bearing the name in a sentence - Example Sentences for bearing the name


Each of the main colonial cities of El Salvador has a nearby volcano bearing the name of the town.

In late 2004, President Chen Shui-bian proposed the renaming of all state-owned enterprises bearing the name "China" to "Taiwan."

Commander Daizo apprehends Robin, despite the hero's protestations of innocence, but as he is transferred, a slip of paper bearing the name "Brushogun" flits into the armoured car carrying him and explodes, freeing him.

Beast Wars II A new character bearing the name Galvatron appeared in the Japanese exclusive Beast Wars Second line.

Smith (1996), p. 57 Along with these coats, they wore forage caps and often, a red firefighter's shirt, sashes bearing the name of their fire company and their badge.

The band that is credited with this style is Grupo Pegasso, bearing the name that connoted the phrase "onda Pegassera" and the such.

On the mail, they were cancelled with a round datestamp bearing the name of the town in the upper part and a five arm star in the lower.

At first bearing the name Turntable, the site was originally updated monthly with interviews and reviews.

A silent last scene shows him walking along a rural highway, past a horse farm and a rusted mailbox bearing the name "R.
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The word bearing the name

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