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Use bears the pain in a sentence - Example Sentences for bears the pain


I don't know how he bears the pain. I would be crying and screaming if it were me.

He was tortured, and, unable to bear the pain, falsely stated that he and Li Xun had planned a coup to overthrow Emperor Wenzong and make Zheng emperor.

Chronic back pain is difficult and unpleasant, not only for the person who must bear the pain, but also for their family.

Galleries Rdio's collapse will hurt Sony, Roku and Shazam When a company goes under, the firms that it still owes money to have to bear the pain of those unpaid debts.

It is happening on a large scale, but because of the stigma and trauma, many bear the pain alone," Hanna told The Sunday Gleaner.
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The word bears the pain

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