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Use bore fruit in a sentence - Example Sentences for bore fruit


In 1421, an orange tree was brought to France, where it lived and bore fruit for 473 years.

beast His hard work bore fruit.

His research bore fruit in the end.

His efforts bore fruit.

Her efforts bore fruit.

Steps to improve coordination at the regional and local levels had also borne fruit.

The Swedish presidency went for noise as the next step and now their efforts have borne fruit.

Its distribution of pioneer funding to other centres has so far borne fruit in only one of them.

All the churches have consistently, and over many years, encouraged greater co-operation at local level and this has borne fruit.

And his promise to fight corruption, something his country so desperately needs, hasn't yet borne fruit.

And that determination has borne fruit.

A woman sits under a palm tree at dusk after a block party in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, September 12, 20 Those investments appear to have borne fruit already.

But the company's quest for a solution has borne fruit.
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The word bore fruit

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