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Use dramatic decline in a sentence - Example Sentences for dramatic decline


The dramatic decline in family size in this country over the last 100 years is primarily due to the decrease in the number of children the average woman bears.

Hardie, Alison (20.01.2007) Dramatic decline in island common seal populations baffles experts - Mystical Connections.

Terra Firma bought EMI for 3.2 billion after a dramatic decline in sales and the announcement that EMI had sustained a loss of 260 million in 2006/2007.

This was a dramatic decline for a club who had almost reached the Second Division four years earlier and has been linked to the trauma arising from the disaster.

Then in late February the foot and mouth crisis hit and with it the dramatic decline in the use of the countryside.

In Britain, the shining ram's-horn has shown a dramatic decline this century.

Many mourn the dramatic decline in traditional businesses in Chester city centre of recent years.

In the pre-inustrialisation era the threat of sanctions would have been meaningless for most countries, today it's a matter of life, death or a dramatic decline in living standards.

In particular, it has led to a dramatic decline in the profitability of Japanese small businesses and decreasing numbers of small firms.

Although little is known of Karimov's private life, the dramatic decline in the fortunes of his eldest daughter - once believed by some to be a possible successor - has made international headlines.

Although tourism to the reef generates an enormous amount of revenue, the presence of such crowds has led to concerns that tourism is also contributing its share to the dramatic decline in the ecosystem's health.

As with other oil and gas companies, Husky is adjusting to a dramatic decline in the global price for crude oil that began in the middle of the fourth quarter and continues into early 2015.

Canada 'in a bit of a funk' The government's budget projection accounts for a weak first quarter due to the dramatic decline in the price of oil, he said.

Close to Russia, dramatic decline Some Native communities can search for other animals, like domestic reindeer or caribou.

Despite the dramatic decline in infection rates, African Americans are still disproportionately affected.
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