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Use finally began in a sentence - Example Sentences for finally began


We planted an apple tree which finally began to bear fruit in its third year.

Betty Friedan once remarked that when she stopped conforming to the conventional picture of femininity, she finally began to enjoy being a woman.

After 2 years of drought, the people ran outside to dance and celebrate once it finally began to rain.

The wave moved westward across the tropical Atlantic, and finally began to show consistent evidence of a cloud system center.

Qualifying finally began at 4 p.m.

After the hospital finally began operation, under Zeller on February 10, 1902, patients characterized as "incurably insane" were transferred to Bartonville from other Illinois facilities.

Caroline still opted to stay in Milan, however, because she had finally began managing a hotel of her own - something she had always wanted.

Rome and Berlin, therefore, finally began to reconsider the possibilities of conquering Malta.

For the first time in years, Northern Alliance commanders finally began to see the substantive results that they had long hoped for on the front lines.

The shell of the "old station," as it was called, existed in exactly the condition in which it was left after the move for five years, until mid-2007, when renovation work finally began.

By the time Price's infantry finally began edging uphill toward the Yankee guns, they met Carr's men advancing downhill in an aggressive counterstroke.

This left Bradmanís team with a victory target of 317, but the rain kept falling and the entire morning was lost. Play finally began after the tea, and the pitch played very slowly because of the excess moisture.

However, as USA Today ' s Robert Bianco noted, when Cuddy and House finally began a physical relationship, in what later transpired to be a hallucination sequence, "It started a firestorm among fans who hated the change in the relationship".

Cunard in 1904 decided to change powerplants to Parson's new turbine technology and Peskett then implemented a fourth funnel to the ship's profile as the ships design was again modified before construction of the vessel finally began.
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The word finally began

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