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Use follow the trail in a sentence - Example Sentences for follow the trail


With our batteries getting low, it was difficult to follow the trail by the weak beam of our flashlight.

They follow the trail to get home.

To reach the falls, follow the trail down to Mooney Falls.

Then they follow the trail to the summoner.

Follow the trail of Darwinian graduands and relive some of the moments of this year's ceremony through the courtesy of some pictures and videos provided by Harry Bhadeshia.

After 7 1/2 miles, park and follow the trail about 500 yards to Crack in the Ground.

At the second fork, one may follow the trail to the right to access a panoramic view of the gorge from the top.

In this case, Harry uses his decades of investigative skills - and instinct - to follow the trail of an expensive watch.

It may be far harder to follow the trail of the roughly $30 million compensation being paid to the community itself.

That telecom in that foreign country could then follow the trail of emails back to her server in the U.S. and break into the server” remotely over the Internet.
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The word follow the trail

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