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Use getting low in a sentence - Example Sentences for getting low


With our batteries getting low, it was difficult to follow the trail by the weak beam of our flashlight.

ISDB-T had 10 million subscribers by the end of April 2005. Along with the wide use of ISDB-T, the price of STB is getting low.

The general strategy of the game is to explore and solve as many puzzles as possible before getting low on life and teleport back when you don't want to risk death.

Currently, the Model S' cabin electronics will show the driver a warning if the battery is getting low.

Stock water tanks and streams still held water, but levels were getting low.

The groups getting low numbers assume that if emissions are falling in 2030 at the rate countries have promised, then that means a sweeping transformation of the energy system will be underway - and emissions will keep falling.
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The word getting low

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