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Use has no bearing on in a sentence - Example Sentences for has no bearing on


Erasmus once said that length of life has no bearing on a man's happiness, it is how well he lived that counts.

Beth remarked to me that it was generally looked on as rather a dangerous thing to let a body of men loose amid the temptations of a strange city, Perry replied: "That has no bearing on these men, even though there was a saloon on every corner.

This has no bearing on the old name Cathair Bessleen in the calendar of entries in the papal register.

The theorem states that the structure of a firm's liabilities should have no bearing on its net worth (absent taxes, etc.).

She will join the group if asked to, but has no bearing on the plot and is purely optional.

The Court has never deviated from the principle stated in Paul that the Privileges and Immunities Clause in Article IV of the Constitution has no bearing on how a state treats its own citizens.

We would like to think that our financial woes had no bearing on the decision to hang up our proverbial gloves, but wed be foolish to recant the claim.

Thibaut, p. 125. Rather than presenting "revealed truths like mere theorems of geometry having no bearing on the interior life," Thibaut, p. 127. Marmion sought to inspire his students to "live in and by the mysteries he set forth to them."

This has little to no bearing on the rest of the plot.

When it comes to the submission of evidence, I could be charitable in thinking that the absence of formal rules for local plan and UDP inquiries has no bearing on the late submission of proofs, which is commonplace in my experience.

Art holds all its power in its ability to transcend boundaries such as gender; the feminine source of the works currently installed in the Tate's clean white spaces has no bearing on how they should be judged.
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