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Use receive a certificate in a sentence - Example Sentences for receive a certificate


Each student who completes the program will receive a certificate bearing the seal of the university.

At the end of each session of the English Language Program, there is a supper and ceremony for all the students, in which you will receive a certificate of achievement.

This is the first time a video game has been refused certification by the IFCO (although games do not normally require certification, if they do require it, they must receive a certificate to be released).

A student who passed the 10th grade test would receive a Certificate of Initial Mastery.

On completion of the 100 hours volunteering, MV's receive a certificate and after 200 hours, you will get a nationally recognised MV award of excelence.

On completion of the safari they receive a certificate card.

Those attending will receive a certificate of attendance, but also on offer will be a Multiple Assessment Certificate for those wishing to answer a series of questions on details learnt during the day.

You will automatically receive a certificate for display in your surgery.

You will receive a Certificate with which you an apply to one of the participating Insurance Companies for a premium discount.

With each course you will receive a Certificate of Attendance and relevant course materials.

To receive a Certificate of Election.

Each school will receive a certificate and recycled prises for all the children involved.

The participants will receive a certificate of completion and a 'goodie' bag at the end of the course.
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The word receive a certificate

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