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Use severe shortage in a sentence - Example Sentences for severe shortage


The fact that unmarried women who bear children are now more likely to keep them has resulted in a severe shortage of adoptable babies.

Senegal has a severe shortage of doctors, particularly in rural areas.

There is a severe shortage of food in the country, and even the most basic staples are hard to come by, and are extremely expensive.

106974 The men are probably conducting a training exercise at the signalling school at Broadmeadows, Vic At the outbreak of World War I, the British Indian Army had a severe shortage of wireless equipment and trained operators.

When the superhuman members of the StormWatch agency were decimated during the Despot crisis, the UN found itself facing a severe shortage in metahuman manpower and hired or recruited various superhumans from all over the world.

Interestingly, his construction policy never bore out his political stance on submarines, and by 1917 there was a severe shortage of newly built submarines.

There immediately became a severe shortage of instructors in the Flight Training Command.

As money was in severe shortage they decided to row out to one of the ocean-going liners in Cork harbour and smuggle themselves aboard.

With London facing a severe shortage of affordable places to house asylum seekers, councils are driven to use grim private accommodation such as Clapham Common's Parkside.

In Birmingham, there is a severe shortage which has resulted in a high percentage of benches sitting with only two magistrates and, on occasions, family work has had to be refused.

The TEC employer survey also indicated that there is a severe shortage of employees with transferable skills, communication skills, ICT skills and in many cases even basic levels of literacy and numeracy.

Severe shortage will result in the re-absorption of the ova and termination of egg laying.
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The word severe shortage

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