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Use swung by in a sentence - Example Sentences for swung by


The escaped prisoner hid behind a tree as the beam of the spotlight swung by.

Some tronos (floats) of Holy Week of Malaga are so huge that they must be housed in other places different from the churches, as they are taller than the entrance doors; real walking chapels of over 5,000 kilos swung by dozens of bearers.

This reduced length means that a clubhead of the same mass traveling at the same angular velocity (degrees per second, as swung by a golfer) has lower momentum because the clubhead's speed is slower.

Then the highway swung by Birmingham and Manchester, and he drove by fields of rowhouses, line after line after line of them, on narrow treeless streets - all orderly and neat, and yet still among the bleakest human landscapes he had ever seen.

B) Swung by as much as 10% in a matter of hours.

This has only been done once before, in 1990, when the Galileo spacecraft swung by the Earth to get a gravitational assist for a trip to Jupiter.
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The word swung by

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