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Use water-borne in a sentence - Example Sentences for water-borne


More than seven million children in the world die each year from water-borne diseases.

The concrete acts like a “hard sponge” which absorbs damaging liquids such as water and aggressive water-borne salts.

Within the sound, a number of small and large tourism operators provide transport facilities, often linked with tourism activities such as sightseeing (the largest component), fishing or other mostly water-borne pursuits.

Indoor pollution contributed to the deaths of an additional 300,000 people, while 60,000 died from diarrhea, bladder and stomach cancer and other diseases that can be caused by water-borne pollution."

With the Staunton and Dan Rivers, the area was open to water-borne commerce.

SBS Responsibilities include water-borne operations, Maritime Counter-Terrorism and other special forces tasks.

Acrylic Acrylic varnishes are typically water-borne varnishes with the lowest refractive index (highest degree of clarity) of all finishes.

A sailor or mariner is a person who navigates water-borne vessels or assists in their operation, maintenance, or service.

Before the development of modern road and rail networks, transportation on the coast of Oregon was largely water-borne.

There are multiple modes of transmission including person-to-person, water-borne, and venereal.

"Oil-modified" polyurethanes, whether water-borne or solvent-borne, are currently the most widely used wood floor finishes.

Additional forms of mechanical stresses include ice and sand scour, as well as dislodgment by water-borne rocks, logs, etc. For each of these climate stresses, species exist that are adapted to and thrive in the most stressful of locations.

Furthermore, much of this water is not properly disinfected posing serious health risks from water-borne diseases.
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The word water-borne

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