abandoning in a sentence

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Abyss hindered Styles’s efforts before abandoning him completely.

Edward chose abdication in preference to abandoning his marriage plans.

Yet, abandoning the Middle East would be painful for most Christians.

This has contributed to increase in communities abandoning the practice.

They were accused of abandoning passengers still trapped inside the ferry.

They obviously started feeling a little bit of heat, abandoning it,” Findlay said.

756125 Then I read about this trend of abandoning micro pigs, it really upset me.”

“We also were committed to kind of abandoning the recessed metal/reclaimed wood vibe.

Our success won’t depend on tough talk, or abandoning our values, or giving into fear.

He said the one-year sentence for abandoning the vessel was “the most insulting” aspect.

Initially furious at his mother for abandoning him, Muhic’s feelings have changed with age.

This may mean abandoning anger at a racial joke, while not entirely shrugging it off either.

abandoning containment, the George W. Bush administration responded by embracing preventive war.

On Monday, prosecutors formally announced that they were abandoning all efforts to seek his testimony.