abbreviation in a sentence

In 2010, EBOV was reinstated as the abbreviation for the virus.

The river gave Hunan its Chinese abbreviation, the same as Xiang (?).

;AB: A scoring abbreviation for uneven bars, from the name Asymmetric Bars.

11265 & Rose, 1905) The standard author abbreviation Altam. 62.5256

Unsub is an abbreviation for the unknown subject of an investigation.

759960 Digroup is an abbreviation for digital group. 29.6692

The new abbreviation for the faculty is ENV, and is pronounced “envy”.

RuBisCo is an abbreviation for Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase.

Bozen) and the official abbreviation of the province of South Tyrol is BZ.

A. arenaria is an abbreviation of a species name.

Gynoroentgenology is the abbreviation of gynecological roentgenology.

963305 SKA is an abbreviation for Sports (K)Club of the Army””.”

;ATK2 ATK is an abbreviation of ‘An Toan Khu,’ which means “safe zone”.

;SAO : abbreviation of Sword Art Online, the first VRMMO game.

Unreferenced Hipot is an abbreviation for high potential.