abdomen in a sentence

The medical examiner concluded that the boy died from blunt force injury to the abdomen.

Be pregnant is 7 months above sitting why abdomen often afflictive?

Breathe out slowly and then clench your abdomen muscles.

It can help firm up the abdomen and the buttocks.

Meyers was stabbed once in the abdomen and once in the neck.

One symptom is bloating, or expansion of the abdomen area.

Their abdomen contains two chambers, one on each side.

The patient is complaining of pain in the abdomen, doctor.

He also received wounds to the abdomen.

He got jabbed in the lower part of his abdomen.

He was suffering from pains in his abdomen.

She sensed further movements in her abdomen.

The nurse tapped the patient’s abdomen.

The abdomen was distended and the outline of the transverse colon clearly visible.

I modelled them on the shape of your abdomen when you strode out of the sea last month.

The classification of Lepidoptera needs comparison of head, thorax and abdomen.

Objective To decrease the lapsus rate of pre-examination triage of surgical abdomen.

They are found on the external genitalia and on the thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen.

The bullet ripped through her intestinal tract and lodged in her lower abdomen….


Abdomen was soft, no tenderness and rebound tenderness; Liver and spleen were impalpable.


Abdominal tissues sometimes adhere after an operation.

Abdominal distention or masses suggest an intra-abdominal process causing pain.