abrogation in a sentence

The threat of abrogation is insufficient to provide optimal deterrence.

It has been demanding the abrogation of Article 370 itself.

In Islam there is the issue of abrogation .

See also abrogation of Old Covenant laws.

This abrogation was not clearly communicated.

This is an abrogation of our rights, and must be fought.

Over in Islam, there is the hermeneutic of abrogation .

Revision or abrogation of any rule of practice established by statute is prohibited.

It is an abrogation of rights.

This event brought about the abrogation of the “leges regiae”.

The 1850s saw a return to neoabsolutism and abrogation of constitutionalism.

Under such a framework further abrogation can, of course, be attempted.

The news of its abrogation was welcomed by environmental activists and native American leaders.

There is, in fact, no need for the theory of abrogation .

The abrogation of Qur’anic verses presents a problem for Muslims today.

They should be disenfranchised for their egregious abrogation of duty to us citizens .

We have been demanding closure of TASMAC liquor shops and abrogation of freebies .

Jalalu’d-Din estimated the number of abrogations at between 5 to 500.

On ascent to power Gowon reversed Ironsi’s abrogation of the federal principle.

The abrogation of the NEP decree was therefore a step in the right direction.