affordable in a sentence

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The government needs to do something to create more affordable housing for lower income families.

There is a shortage of affordable rental housing in this town, and the government needs to do something about it.

Aviation Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality?

The affordable Care Act is working, Obama said in a White House video.

He says suggestions so far include an ice rink and affordable housing.

“Americans deserve access to high-quality, affordable health coverage.

In some states, affordable health care coverage is still out of reach.

Under my plan, tuition will be affordable for every family, she added.

Now, the only question is whether we’ll be able to make it affordable.”

If it was affordable, I’m sure many more people would take part in it.”

Have those reforms helped make health care more accessible and affordable?

10866 Access to affordable health care shouldn’t depend on where you live.

Communal employers have said rises demanded by the unions are unaffordable.

He repeats the GOP party line that the affordable Care Act is a “disaster.”

Rent for a two-bedroom affordable unit currently runs about $1,000 a month.

The JIVR is not exactly affordable, as it’s quite pricey at £2,000 ($3,000).

affordable Care Act Lisa Esposito is a Patient Advice reporter at U.S. News.

They’re a reliable and consistent place to get an affordable haircut in town.

But at the end of the day no doubt the affordable Care Act is a step forward.

Even those who support the affordable Care Act in general are critical of it.

MIT researchers may have a much more affordable approach in the future, though.

Review them on Yelp Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality?

However, don’t expect the headset to be that affordable, at least not at first.

It is a solution that could indeed work for affordable housing and other needs.

Some may start wondering if insurance is affordable or if it’s worth the money.”

But when HDTVs became affordable in the mid-2000s, there was something to watch.

As he points out, 3D printing is a powerful tool and is getting more affordable.

International Edition Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality?

Lots of people wouldn’t mind having better access to more affordable health care.

It’s available in ample amounts, but only affordable to the rich, he told the AP.

But for a long-term solution, we have to have some affordable, supportive housing.

544927 Others are starting to use a much different terminology, like unaffordable.

Tressmerize is also extremely affordable compared to other hair extension options.

Her family has since found a more affordable projector that goes for about $75,000.

73289 As a result, access to safe, affordable cancer surgical services is dismal.”””

106488 Between 20% and 30% of the housing will be affordable homes for local people.

Under the 2010 affordable Care Act, private insurers are required to cover vaccines.

Open to the public and affordable, the topics are geared towards small-scale farming.

The development is also shining a light on the lack of affordable housing in Spokane.

That assessment is at odds with views expressed by some affordable housing advocates.

“Reno is still relatively affordable when compared to other cities for luxury homes.”

Therefore, we must provide affordable housing for everyone, especially in urban areas.

The company offers their products at wholesale and retail levels at affordable prices.

In the near-term, however, Emblematic is gearing up to release an affordable VR viewer.

Developers therefore have the ability to opt out of including affordable housing units.

But Schaffer described it as “affordable” and believed the state would save some money.

We must continue to make tertiary education affordable and accessible to all Bahamians.

“Any infrastructure that’s delivered needs to be affordable and deliverable,” he added.

DNA tests claiming to track ancestral lineage are now easily accessible and affordable.

affordable health care was, for many, life changing and in many cases even life saving.

128525 But it did have an easily understandable concept of creating affordable housing.

Look for vehicles with a strong track record of reliability and affordable maintenance.

We have simplified our watches and made them fashionable and affordable,” Arathoon said.

But there are precious few affordable lots that large available in the three-county area.

Bush also weighed in on the pending affordable Care Act ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Which is a blunt reminder of just how unaffordable the most desirable cities are becoming.

basically, the most affordable toy is the one your child plays with the longest, she said.

The affordable Care Act passed Congress in 2010 without a single Republican vote in favor.

The reinsurance program helps keep premiums affordable from year to year, according to HHS.

We are ready to get your house done quickly and at an affordable rate – call us for a quote.

Unless a technology is affordable it doesn’t stand the chance of being practically applied.”

Obama’s signature on the affordable Healthcare Act is seen at the White House in March 2010.

Maude Bégin Gaudette, advocate for affordable housing group RCLALQ “Introduce rent control.”

City leaders hope to have recommendations in May for how to address affordable housing needs.

Many people mistakenly believe that Medicare or the affordable Care Act cover long-term care.

The saddest part of all of this is that the affordable Care Act is working, and working well.

My priority is to invest in affordable, quality child care to help families and the economy.”

This is the first year taxpayers have to account for the affordable Care Act on their returns.

He’s implementing the affordable housing order, but it wasn’t his choice and or a fight he won.

Zoning documents approved by the DOB this June do not include plans for any affordable housing.

Lyft is an app for welcoming, affordable rides within minutes, allowing you to “request and go.”

847112 This is the largest affordable housing project in the country,”” Monterisi said proudly.”

He believes the new streetcar line will provide “affordable, convenient” means of transportation.

The government says there are about 2,700 affordable housing units in cities across Saskatchewan.

I want to sell volumes…Healthy food has to be affordable, and that’s that big thing,” Simon said.

Many of the answers were both luxurious and affordable (like skylights and double-flush toilets).

404395 It’s affordable, has a great pool, and, in the hotel’s own words, more than you expect.”””

We are the affordable and drinkable beer of choice for craft consumers, Pabst said in a statement.

What we really need is old, existing structures that are affordable for young people to move into.

“We’re not happy about everything, but we think it will lead to building more affordable housing.”

The problem is increasing here at the same time a historic boom is making the city less affordable.

It’s caused a stir not only for its inventive and affordable tapas, but for the way they’re served.

House Speaker Joe Souki spoke about the importance of providing affordable health care for everyone.

488035 Montreal has started an inventory of possible affordable housing options that are up to code.

However, it hope to reintroduce Glass as a more affordable, consumer product sometime in the future.

897882 We are a convenient and affordable lodging choice for guests running the Peachtree Road Race.

Seen as affordable, easy to fix and a fun ride, Mexicans scooped up 50,000 Beetles in just one year.

“The problem with the affordable Care Act, is that it’s not affordable for my patients,” Buada said.

Having said all that, France and Italy have government borrowing costs that are eminently affordable.

The term “affordable housing” is currently used to describe homes for rent at 80% of the market rate.

Senior center engulfed in flames An enormous fire broke out at affordable housing center for seniors.

Under the national health insurance overhaul known as the affordable Care Act, that program vanished.

The disappointed tourists of Yelp Aviation Can Uber-style apps make affordable private jets a reality?

Depending on when you travel and where you stay, the price of the trip can be surprisingly affordable.

The best way for families to ensure an affordable holiday, with the greatest choice, is to book early.

845611 This is not about the affordable Care Act as legislation, or Obamacare as a political football.

845612 This is not about the affordable Care Act as legislation or Obamacare as a political football.”

Thanks to the affordable Care Act, more Americans of all demographic groups now have health insurance.

To keep costs affordable inexpensive ground shipping gets used.

Solar energy has never been more affordable .

The key word here is ” affordable .

The company has been providing affordable car financing options since 2008 .