agro-industrial in a sentence

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It is highlighted by an agro-industrial fair.

Nabua has a potential for agro-industrial development.

The regime had plans of transforming the delta into a large agro-industrial zone.

Dalmianagar was a large agro-industrial town.

Feeds that are formulated largely utilize agro-industrial by-products and other non-conventional materials.

The indigenous labor force is critical to the viability of the most important agro-industrial crops.

This is a week-long agro-industrial trade, tourism and cultural fair with tribal dances and songs.

The agro-industrial economy continues to be the single largest contributor to the region’s legal economy.

SAIV is a large agro-industrial conglomerate with multiple interests and produces Bolivia’s Casa Real brand.

The month-long activities highlights the agro-industrial and trade fair which showcase the different products of Benguet.

Carrefour will have a policy of supplying imported products while promoting Albanian products, particularly agro-industrial ones.

Land resources in Quezon could be described as somewhat underutilized given its vast potential for agro-industrial development.

Equipment was supplied from Denmark between 1975 and 1976 for use in an agro-industrial complex at Mongalla.

agro-industrial development in Jericho, enabling the region to be a major agricultural source for the Middle East.

Contract growing is an example of the use of indigenous agro-industrial methods that predate the New Zealand wine industry.

Container feeder service opens up connections to the agro-industrial heartland of Central Tamil Nadu, Karaikal and Pondicherry.

Major Industries Camarines Sur is the agro-industrial center of Bikol, followed by trade, manufacturing, and construction.

Such industries focus on agro-industrial based activities such as food processing, handicraft making, furniture making and other related activities.

Valtierrilla’s population is an important agro-industrial centre for from a few years companies have been created within the industrial corridor.

Evaluate various types of feed resources- pasture (grasses, legumes), top feed resources, agro-industrial by-products and non-conventional feeds.

Then, obviously we will not tax agro-industrial enterprises — sugar plantations, citrus plantations, and in some cases, horticultural plantations as well, then the forestry areas.

ion is carried out in extensive system and at the rhythm of nature, These animals are registered in the respective genealogical books and their products are totally certified as organic products; their meat is cut, processed and packed in the meat processing unit that exists in the farm, like other agro-industrial structures.

The group is expecting customers to be banks, processors and others linked to farming as well as ‘ agro-industrial multinationals’, co-operatives and commodity boards.

Total FDI rose from Dh7.35bn (€0.66bn) in the first quarter of 2012 to Dh10.57bn (€0.95bn) in the same period this year, buoyed by the sale of the National Investment Company’s (Société Nationale d’Investissement, SNI) stake in several agro-industrial groups.

A 3 day festivities that will showcase a trade fair of agro-industrial products, lectures on livestock raising and food processing as well as food demo competition.

One of these schemes is an agro-industrial project, ambitious by any standards and quite amazing in a poor country ground down by war and economic blockade.

In July 1990 the USSR government had written off debts amounting to Rbs40,300 million from state banks to collective and state farms and other agro-industrial enterprises.

In the context of a reported shortfall of 35-36,000,000 tonnes of food and feed grain for 1991, a residential decree, effective from July 1, aimed to improve the food supply by giving concessions to enterprises in the agro-industrial sector.

He is the fourth child of Dhanin Chearavanont, Thailand’s wealthiest billionaire, CEO and chairman of CP Group, one of the world’s largest agro-industrial conglomerates, and Khunying Tawee Chearavanont.