ammunition in a sentence

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Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Find someone who has handled ammunition.

Our guns were useless because we didn’t have any ammunition left.

Ernest Hemingway once said that the best ammunition against lies is the truth.

The soldiers had to surrender after they ran out of ammunition for their guns.

The soldiers had depleted their ammunition, and were badly in need of supplies.

The soldiers’ ammunition was completely depleted, so they were obliged to surrender.

According to the law regarding firearms, guns and ammunition must be stored separately.

The members voted to amend a couple of the union bylaws at last week’s meeting.

The troops were exercising with live ammunition when a soldier was accidentally shot in the leg.

The gunman arrested by police was apparently carrying enough ammunition to kill hundreds of people.

All the ammunition for the guns and rifles was stored in a warehouse in the corner of the army camp.

The downturn in the economy has provided the Opposition with lots of ammunition for the coming election.

In 1804, an ammunition dump at the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul blew up, killing at least 60 people.

The results of the latest opinion poll have given the government new ammunition in their determination to increase the education budget.

The young man who entered a local school with a rifle and two revolvers was carrying over 50 rounds of ammunition, and said he was prepared to die in his attack.

Don’t tell your ex-husband that you have a new boyfriend.

That would just give him more ammunition to say that he shouldn’t have to pay you as much for child support.

“I have received quite sizeable (amounts of) ammunition free of charge.

Police later recovered six guns and copious ammunition from the school.

Then security forces came using life ammunition to disperse the protest.

It also bans the sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 bullets.

The police said a premises was searched and the firearms and ammunition found.

The security forces also managed to recover more than 500 guns and ammunition.

Authorities said they seized two handguns and ammunition from Bogoslavski’s house.

This includes providing ammunition and fueling jet fighters preparing for takeoff.

Holmes purchased four weapons and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition, police say.

But with ammunition sales growing, it is unclear what exactly the trend may represent.

Congressional Democrats want to ban devices containing 10 or more rounds of ammunition.

In numerous battles with ISIS, Iraq’s troops complain that they haven’t enough ammunition.

The FBI says it seized a cellphone, phone records, ammunition and other firearms equipment.

A search was conducted of the vehicle and a pistol with a quantity of ammunition was found.

801217 The soldiers were stranded without ammunition and had started receiving friendly fire.

Warplanes also dropped weapons and ammunition to pro-Hadi troops for a second night in a row.

The ammunition is prohibited for use in the seal fishery, under the Marine Mammal Regulations.

A user named “Donald Trump” paid for gun parts and ammunition with the online currency Bitcoin.

When they arrived, the homeowner warned firefighters there was live ammunition inside the home.

Stores also would be required to report to law enforcement if ammunition has been lost or stolen.

This wrenching order was complicated by a key detail: There was no ammunition loaded onto the jet.

The crime bill also banned the possession of magazines holding more than ten rounds of ammunition.

He was also charged with robbery with aggravation and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition.

In addition to the gun, the suspect had a bladed weapon and plenty of ammunition, authorities said.

The results of the search included a variety of firearms: two hand guns,13 long guns and ammunition.

Holmes purchased four weapons and more than 6,000 rounds of ammunition in recent months, police say.

In the 13-year-old’s room, deputies found the stolen key for the gun safe and additional ammunition.

The submarine is in a dry dock, Tass reports, citing the source, and there is no ammunition on board.

But in Canada’s Arctic, prices are rising in terms of bullets, ammunition and Ski-Doos, the equipment.

Quantitative easing is on their agenda because the traditional ammunition for a central bank is spent.

In recent years the toxic effects of ammunition and firearm cleaning agents have been highlighted.