Avenue in a sentence

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Avenue Meaning:

n.) A way or opening for entrance into a place; a passage by which a place may by reached; a way of approach or of exit.

Avenue Sentences:

An aroma opens on to an avenue.

Palm trees line the broad avenue.

We drove east along Brooklyn Avenue.

My business address is Fifth Avenue.

There was only one avenue open to him.

I met her by accident on Third Avenue.

The streetcar trundled down the avenue.

They walked along the avenue, arm in arm.

We need to explore every possible avenue.

Myddleton Way was renamed Allende Avenue.

We walked along an avenue lined with trees.

He walked up Fifth Avenue to clear his head.

Tin ton Avenue was like a posse social club.

Take the subway, and get off at Fifth avenue.

The traffic along Fitzjohn’s Avenue was heavy.

Am I on the right streetcar to Seventh Avenue?

Is that the right streetcar to Seventh Avenue?

We walked down a broad avenue lined with trees.

Lily lives in a penthouse just off Park Avenue.

New York City, Flatiron Building, Fifth Avenue.

Fifth Avenue is a good place for window-shopping.

The getaway car made off towards Horrocks Avenue.

We used to make a detour going down Lenin Avenue.

The police chased the suspect along Severn Avenue.

He saw suicide as the only avenue left open to him.

The funeral procession moved slowly down the avenue.

He became pastor of the Fifth Avenue Baptist Church.

The ambulance broke down in the middle of the avenue.

We will explore every avenue until we find an answer.

They explored every avenue in an attempt to avoid war.

Fannie Davenport was just opening at the Fifth Avenue.

Firefighters were called to a house in Chaucer Avenue.

Graffiti covered the arch at the base of Fifth Avenue.

They saunter away, in the direction of Central Avenue.

Head for 44th Street, a few blocks east of Sixth Avenue.

There were cheering crowds all along Pennsylvania Avenue.

Bergdorf Goodman has opened a men’s store on Fifth Avenue.

This avenue of mature trees has a preservation order on it.

Yes, you’ve right in the middle of Fifth Avenue vegetable market.

We like being able to walk down to Lakeshore Avenue and have dinner.

Fifth Avenue, save for an occasional cab or foot passenger, was bare.

My first shot of Manhattan was on emerging from the subway on to Fifth Avenue.

Take the apartment, up on the top floor of a smelly tenement on Prospect Avenue.

The Homecoming parade and street party will necessitate closing University Avenue.

Also current telephone bill addressed to her, One-eighty-nine Commonwealth Avenue.

The show took place outside the imposing Central Library building on Fifth Avenue.

Small trees can be planted at regular intervals along a path to create an avenue.My office faces Fifth Avenue.