Bankruptcy in a sentence

Bankruptcy Meaning:

unable to pay, or legally discharged from paying, one’s debts;

She dared the danger of bankruptcy.

The company was forced into bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy was the blight of the family.

The company filed for bankruptcy in 1993.

The tycoon is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The company is on the brink of bankruptcy.

His firm is just on thin ice of bankruptcy.

The prospect of bankruptcy has now receded .

The factory had been driven into bankruptcy.

Is the business drifting towards bankruptcy?

The omen of bankruptcy hung over the company.

Small travel operators are facing bankruptcy.

As a matter of fact, bankruptcy is inevitable.

Many established firms were facing bankruptcy.

We capitalised our assets to avoid bankruptcy.

We capitalized our assets to avoid bankruptcy.

The threat of bankruptcy hung over the company.

Subsequently, the company filed for bankruptcy.

The defendant has a bankruptcy order against him.

Under the circumstances, bankruptcy is inevitable.

My father’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Was it gambling that brought about his bankruptcy?

His failure knelled the bankruptcy of the company.

Their profligate lifestyle resulted in bankruptcy.

It is the only country to have declared bankruptcy.

The company has been forced to file for bankruptcy.

The company is tottering on the edge of bankruptcy.

In fact, even Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy.

Peter never went near him after the bankruptcy case.

The company landed up in bankruptcy for lack of funds.

Some analysts indicated that bankruptcy was inevitable.

From there, it was a short, swift fall into bankruptcy.

It rarely pushed a non-paying customer into bankruptcy.

In 1999 it was revealed that he was close to bankruptcy.

Father’s bankruptcy was a blot on the family’s reputation.

The massacre laid bare the moral bankruptcy of the regime.

You will have to pull in if you want to escape bankruptcy.

After the war, The House of Hardie came near to bankruptcy.

But the company which makes it has been close to bankruptcy.

The recession and hospital bills drove them into bankruptcy.

The nation of Austria declared bankruptcy in February of 1811.

He is over $5,000 in debt, and may have to declare bankruptcy.

She is credited with having saved the company from bankruptcy.

bankruptcy is to the employer what dismissal is to the employee.

Mismanagement had brought the company to the brink of bankruptcy.

The government has refused to rescue the company from bankruptcy.

In the case of bankruptcy, the property shall vest in the trustee.

The decision to liquidate the company was made to avoid bankruptcy.

The company managed to stave off bankruptcy for another few months.

The court has power to rescind a bankruptcy order under this section.

The firm will head toward bankruptcy unless a new manager is elected.

Even the self-proclaimed billionaire Donald Trump has filed for bankruptcy.

Analysts believe that an announcement of the company’s bankruptcy is imminent.

The parties later settled for $ 95 million, and Smith emerged from bankruptcy.

The ruling left Irving facing bankruptcy with a total of ?2.5m in defence costs.

In November, a 34-store Taco Bell franchisee in California filed for bankruptcy.

A retreat would mark a return to nationalism, militarism and national bankruptcy.

If the bean counters are too weak, the company will spend itself into bankruptcy.

The company’s bankruptcy was due to its inability to properly market its products.

The commodities brokerage filed for bankruptcy just two months after going public.

The bankruptcy of several small firms was the prelude to general economic collapse.

As the developer lurched toward bankruptcy, Prudential tried to renege on the deal.

Too many people take the easy way out of financial trouble by declaring bankruptcy.

The company is hoping to restructure its debt payments in order to avoid bankruptcy.

The company has been forced to undertake a major re-structuring to avoid bankruptcy.

They want more disclosure from the industry in exchange for tougher bankruptcy laws.

Steel Co., which was drowning in debt and eventually declared bankruptcy last month.

This led to a collapse from overwork and, in the mid-1890s, to voluntary bankruptcy.

As the banks were squeezed, they called in loans and forced bankruptcy on their clients.

Thus the first step in moving to a barter system is increasing bankruptcy on all fronts.

Some items are so valuable that the owners have been forced into bankruptcy by their loss.

The company has defaulted on its payments once again, and is expected to declare bankruptcy.

The company was on the brink of bankruptcy when he took over, but he was able to turn things around.

Was it gambling that brought about his bankruptcy?My father’s company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

The company filed a bankruptcy petition to stop collection and enforcement actions by their creditors.

The family of the old woman faced bankruptcy because of the high cost of keeping her in hospital for months on end.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is in a state of near bankruptcy due to years of widespread corruption at all levels of government.

A number of airlines have had to file for bankruptcy since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center made some people afraid to fly.

The government has refused a request for a multi-million dollar aid package to rescue the department store chain, which is now close to bankruptcy.

A recession like that of 1973-74 could put one in ten American companies into bankruptcy.Bankruptcy is a common phenomenon in an economic recession.