bar in a sentence

Bar Meaning:

1    n.) A piece of wood, metal, or other material for a hindrance, obstruction, or fastening;
2    n.) An indefinite quantity of some substance, so shaped as to be long in proportion to its breadth and thickness;
3    n.) Anything which obstructs, hinders, or prevents; an obstruction; a barrier.
4    n.) A bank of sand, gravel, or other matter, esp. at the mouth of a river or harbor, obstructing navigation.

Don’t bar me out.

She was admitted to the bar.

We all stopped off at a bar.

When does the snack bar open?

Bend the bar into a horseshoe.

The hotel has a licensed bar .

The cosy bar has an open fire.

I’ll see you in the bar later.

It’s hard to bend an iron bar.

The bar seemed ominously quiet.

I sang a duet at a Karaoke bar.

He hooked his shot over the bar.

A snack bar serves tea and cakes.

Is the snack bar in the basement?

There’s a strong bar on the door.

No, I’m afraid, just a snack bar.

Poverty is not a bar to happiness.

Your grip on the bar is too slack.

The salesclerk scans the bar code.

The bar serves hot and cold food .

He posed as a dentist at that bar.

Poolside bar; club bar; snack bar.

The wheel travells along this bar.

You can’t charge card at this bar.

She put her drink down on the bar.

The two men were drinking in a bar.

Brian was ensconced behind the bar.

A bunch of bikers busted up the bar.

He barged past me to get to the bar.

Staff were pilfering behind the bar.

He bent the bar into the right shape.

The bar lines denote standard errors.

The snack bar is open during the day.

A chocolate fudge bar, that’ll do me!

What is your favourite chocolate bar?

Mr Nakamura went bar hopping in Tokyo.

He hitched himself onto the bar stool.

He would bar them without further ado.

I have my lunch in a snack bar nearby.

He perched on a tall stool by the bar.

There were not many people in the bar.

You and your friend go to a snack bar.

He seized on a bar and went up to them.

I went down to the bar to quaff a brew.

The hotel bar is open to non-residents.

They bellied up to the bar at the club.

Let’s hit the bar, have a ball tonight!

Move the mouse pointer to the menu bar.

Poolside bar; snack bar; nightclub bar.

The drunkard was turned out of the bar.

The bar tender tapped a new keg of beer.

We perched on bar stools and had a beer.

We went to some cheesy bar in Baltimore.

My gloves were frozen to the handle bar.

One elderly man sat morosely at the bar.

The bar is in the main body of the hotel.

We were all in the bar sipping cocktails.

I went to the bar, looking for a hook up.

David was originally destined to the bar.

She munched happily on her chocolate bar.

How much is the cover charge at this bar?

Everyone in the bar was sporting a suntan.

I bought a bar of soap in the supermarket.

I found David in the bar of the Red Lion .

He said he’d picked the woman up in a bar.

You can buy crisps and whatnot at the bar.

This Chicago bar rat has had nearly enough.

He was chomping away on a bar of chocolate.

I wouldn’t have come to this bar by choice!

The men at the bar were loud and obnoxious.

I think I’ve been short-changed at the bar.

Join us for a celebratory drink in the bar.

They can relax by singing at a Karaoke bar.

You can’t use your charge card at this bar.

He gave the women at the bar a drunken leer.

Poor health may be a bar to success in life.

Susie; The Dove chocolate bar was delicious.

The theatre bar was our usual meeting place.

He’s usually lurking somewhere near the bar.

When do things start to die down at the bar?

I decided to show the results in a bar graph.

The members voted to bar women from the club.

He was staggering and had to lean on the bar.

Be sure to bar all the doors before you leave.

Kim is one of the bar girl by force of living.

The first bar graph refers to consumer trends.

The most reliable car on the market, bar none.

We sat around in the bar, shooting the breeze.

Soldiers got in a fight and busted up the bar.

There is no cover charge for seats at the bar.

They drink bitter on draught in the local bar.

We went for a sandwich lunch at the local bar.

He was perched on a bar stool, ordering a beer.

He’s been working at a bar called the Flamingo.

We stopped at a small bar to quench our thirst.

He converted his truck into a mobile snack bar.

The policeman watched his quarry go into a bar.

I was in a coffee bar soaking in the atmosphere.

She will be judged at the bar of public opinion.