been in a sentence

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She had been up late the night before working on her account books .

He accosted me with excessive warmth, for he had been drinking much.

On occasion a strain that previously had been accessioned is lost.

He is still the accident-prone villain he had been in the Wacky Races and still owns the Mean Machine.

The character has been acclaimed by critics.

The movie has been widely acclaimed by critics.

The film has also been highly acclaimed overseas.

The game has been critically acclaimed since release.

The character has been acclaimed by critics.

The anime adaptation has also been critically acclaimed .

The movie has been widely acclaimed by critics.

The film has also been highly acclaimed overseas.

Her horse racing fiction has been critically and popularly acclaimed .

The book’s unique interdisciplinary approach has been widely acclaimed .

Malvern water has long been acclaimed for its purity.

Wood cannot be acclimatized in areas that have been recently plastered.

Everyone needs to acclimatise , even exceptional mountaineers that have been to high altitude before.

Everyone is and always has been very welcoming and accommodating .

The staff has been so gracious and accommodating .

Everyone has been so friendly and accommodating .

The acceleration since then has been astounding.

The acceleration was faster than analysts had been expecting.

While being called “no-nonsense”, Taylor has often been absentminded despite her profession.

However, no useful conversion rate has been abstracted yet.

The notes below have been abstracted from the following reports.

Spatial discounting has been seen as a patent absurdity .

There has been abundant physician protest about these codes.

The political nature of this effort has been made abundantly clear.

They have been found abundantly on many temple sites.

Chicago ‘s defense has been equally abysmal .

My 20 years of experience with IT departments has been abysmal .

The performances have been abysmal from several players you included .

His first year has been an abysmal failure.

The interplay between bluegrass and folk forms has been academically studied.

And I have been the absorbent capacity for that .

I have been in recovery and abstinent from any mood-altering chemical for five years.

I have been abstinent for years now, and I don’t miss it hardly at all.

Maybe the listening had always been more important than the absolution .

Compelled, absolved , she had been given no choice.

My whole life has been aboveboard and so this doesn’t worry me…The last thing I would do is get involved in something that, you know, is wrong.

The ‘s’ has been abraded over time in the German language.

His tone had been abrasive , challenging.

It replaced abrasive saws which had been used before.

But the NC version has been abridged .

There have been and are several abridged “Britannica” encyclopaedias.

It is now divided into five parts, but there has been no abridgement of matter.

However, its contents have not yet been revealed in any detail, neither has the valuable Abridgement been considered.

But the original verses that have been abrogated still remain .

This primeval commission has never been abrogated – man is still under its obligations.

Article 108 (investigative bodies for civil complaints) has been abrogated in 1999.

It has been demanding the abrogation of Article 370 itself.

We have been demanding closure of TASMAC liquor shops and abrogation of freebies .

There have been four instances where the match ended abruptly .

If abscess drainage has been achieved, antibiotics are not usually necessary.

Only three of the 84 who absconded have so far been recaptured.

There were, there’s always been the illegal er abortionist .

He has been lucky and faces no long lasting effects of the A-bomb sickness.

After the first fight, A-Bomb discovers that he has been scratched by a Wendigo.

The explosion is now estimated to have been 1,000 times more powerful than the A-bomb dropped on Hiroshima .

The total abolition of corporal punishment has been discussed.

The abolition of six quarters has always been surrounded by uncertainty.

After the abolishment of film censorship, banning movies that contain brutal violence has been extremely rare.

THAT is what you’ve been harboring and abetting .

Yes, we had been faithful, abjectly faithful to the God of Reason.

Having been brought forth from his prison, he begged hard but not abjectly for his life.

Her heart had been on her sleeve when Mandy had opened that door, and she felt utterly and abjectly humiliated.

Much of the case’s function had been absorbed into the ablative .

Most space capsules have used an ablative heat shield for reentry and been non-reusable.

Abdul Razak has been charged with abetting the murder.

THAT is what you’ve been harboring and abetting .

Within one week, rat abatement crews had been through the community twice.

Abbess says, “There hadn’t really been a movie about angels.

This interview has been abbreviated due to space restrictions.

A number of abbreviated summaries have been written.

That has been a fundamental fault since Sukarno abdicated in 1965.

What had n’t been offered was the abdication of the emperor.

That last kiss had been a mistake, an aberration .

But it may well have been an aberration .

But the celebration of the Friend, which sometimes takes the form of an apparent self-abasement by the Poet, has not been to everyone’s liking.

He has been busy.

I have been busy.

I feel I’ve been betrayed!
They have been busy.

He did what he had been told
Haru’s always been like that
She’s been poisoned.

I have been in Paris.

I have been to Kyoto.

I’ve been there once.

She has been to Paris.

He has been to France.

I have been to London.

I have been to Canada.

I’ve been there twice.

He must have been ill.

He can’t have been ill.

He has been to America.

I would have been shot.

He must have been rich.