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Joe Biden was nominated by acclamation .

So how does Joe Biden avoid being Bill Bradley or Gary Hart in 2016?

Biden‘s decision relieves pressure from frontrunner Hillary Clinton.

The final word on a Biden candidacy might rest in Trey Gowdy’s hands.

Of course we all now Biden is the intellect of the Democratic party.”

A Biden aide said the vice president made his decision Tuesday night.

A Biden candidacy is still believed by his associates to be unlikely.

And if Clinton runs, Biden said her decision wouldn’t affect his own.

392918 I think Joe Biden made correct decision for him & his family.”

Patrick Semansky / AP 3. A procession carries the casket of Beau Biden.

The president also spoke of the tragedy that shaped Biden‘s early years.

With Biden added, Sanders’ lead is 42% to Clinton’s 28% and Biden‘s 18%.

Not to encourage war but to allow Ukraine to defend itself,” Biden said.

100694 Beau Biden had planned to run for governor of Delaware next year.

For example, Biden has been friends for decades with Benjamin Netanyahu.

It’s simple, Biden said at the Human Rights Campaign gala Saturday night.

When asked whether he plans to run for office again, Biden responded “No.”

It would be his third shot at it — but Biden has been known to persevere.

“Hypothetically, Biden has the name ID to wait until the end of the summer.

And for Biden, still mulling a presidential bid, that could pose a problem.

Biden, meanwhile, had the support of 22 percent, up 10 points since August.

Biden says U.S. debating arming Ukraine Who’s killing allies of Yanukovych?

Biden secured 12 percent support when Monmouth polled Democrats last month.

340683 I made some mistakes,”” said Biden, standing beside his wife, Jill.”

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But Biden does have some advantages against Clinton that the polls disguise.

He attended Biden‘s stop into the state-his last-this past February at Drake.

And then there’s that unanswered question: Will Joe Biden still join the race?

“And Joe Biden would not mind being the person they talk about as that person.

Biden has said that he will make a decision on a run at the end of the summer.

131844 But New Hampshire voters aren’t clamoring for Biden to make a go of it.

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, right, and Vice President Joe Biden applaud.

Hillary Clinton: Joe Biden ‘Could Be A Good President’ “He’s testing the waters.

Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, was the state’s former attorney general.

If Biden tunes in early, he may catch an ad airing nationally urging him to run.

Biden didn’t make any reference to his deliberations about running for president.

It was time to make a move, longtime Biden supporter Dave O’Brien told the Globe.

Biden suddenly seemed to be more the Obama camp’s favourite candidate, said Sands.

Biden supporters across the country know how close he was to Beau and his family.

Joe Biden was as good as I’ve seen him, Rep. John Larson, D-Connecticut, told CNN.

Officials declined to discuss the Bidens’ location on Sunday for security reasons.

I understand you’re going to hear from a bunch of candidates tomorrow, Biden said.

Among white voters, Sanders has the edge, 44% to 31% for Clinton and 22% for Biden.

That current landscape is part of Biden‘s calculus as he mulls challenging Clinton.

And, as time passes, it seems all the more unlikely that Biden will enter the race.

639179 So other than a name change, Biden brings little to the top Democratic spot.

Ahead of the service, Beau Biden will lie in honor at the Legislative Hall in Dover.

Biden, who has run twice previously, has yet to decide whether to launch a 2016 bid.

Biden does the best of the three on honesty, while Clinton’s strength is leadership.

And it is hard,” said Biden, citing years of bloodshed fueled by sectarian violence.

712980 The entire Biden family is saddened beyond words””, the vice-president said.”

Sanders had the support of a quarter of those surveyed, and Biden almost 17 percent.

Sen. Harry Reid in a statement called Biden “a wonderful, strong and courageous man.” – Breaking News Web Shows Resources Will Biden join 2016 White House race?

Sanders said he was uncertain what, if anything, Biden‘s entry in the race would mean.

Biden was just as friendly to Republican senators as he was to those of his own party.

Biden unsure if he’s ‘there’ for a run Is Hillary Clinton losing her lead in the polls?

Instead, progressives hailed Biden for taking a bold position that Obama then followed.

But these opportunities are now out of reach for too many Americans, according to Biden.

Race to the White House Hillary Clinton More from Politics Who would vote for Joe Biden?

887502 Vice President Joe Biden also took issue with Clinton’s remark about Republicans.

Biden and others had gathered to see the pope off at Philadelphia International Airport.

Biden unsure whether he has ‘the emotional fuel’ to run Will Joe Biden run for President?

Biden was the first senator to endorse Carter’s presidential candidacy two years earlier.

One immediate benefit could be persuading Vice President Joe Biden not to enter the race.

This story has been corrected to remove erroneous reference to Biden serving as governor.

In many ways, there’s something very old-fashioned about the thought of a Biden candidacy.

Before becoming vice president, Biden served as a U.S. senator from Delaware for 36 years.

Opinion: Biden is everything Hillary Clinton isn’t 22 photos: Who’s running for President?

Biden received the Athenagoras Human Rights Award at a ceremony Saturday night in New York.

510114 Nobody’s going to get inside Joe Biden‘s head to figure that out, Harpootlian said.”

I am not a populist, Biden reportedly said, “But Bernie Sanders, he’s doing a helluva job.”

I am not a populist, Biden reportedly said, “but Bernie Sanders, he’s doing a helluva job.”

100692 Beau Biden died Saturday of brain cancer, less than two years after he was diagnosed.

C.) Alex Wong via Getty Images I’m deeply saddened to hear the news of Beau Biden‘s passing.

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And Republican front-runner Donald Trump combined a comment on Biden with a swipe at Clinton.

Here’s Perry Bacon Jr.’s take from over the weekend on the buzz around a potential Biden run.

On Monday, Obama and Biden met for their weekly lunch in the president’s private dining room.

Jacquelyn Martin/ASSOCIATED PRESS To run or not to run — that is the question for Joe Biden.

Biden is expected to preside over what’s being called the first Clean Energy Security Summit.

Now, all he has to do is find the energy and strength to do it, a person close to Biden said.

It’s one of the things we love about him,” Obama said in a statement on Beau Biden‘s passing.

Biden, better known by his nickname Beau, died Saturday at age 46 after battling brain cancer.

Aides say Biden is close to making a decision after months of mulling over a presidential bid.

Not just for show,” said one former senior Biden aide, who did not want to be quoted publicly.

Colbert eventually asked Biden about the mounting rumors that he may pursue a presidential bid.

While the Clintons reek of status and privilege, Biden has an entirely different air about him.

” On Thursday night, Biden will pitch the Iran deal in an address to Jewish leaders in Atlanta.

On Sept. 10, Politico reports, Vice President Joe Biden is the headliner on Colbert’s new show.

According to the vice president’s office, Biden was diagnosed with brain cancer in August 2013.

Biden’s office says he’ll watch from the Naval Observatory after hosting a high school reunion.

In September, without Joe Biden in the race, her lead over Sanders was 53 percent to 38 percent. – Breaking News Web Shows Resources Does letter from Biden insider hint at 2016 run?

In an ideal world, the Democrats would choose Biden and the Republicans would pick Donald Trump.

In 2008, Beau Biden corrected NBC’s Ann Curry when she referred to Jill Biden as his stepmother.

Dickerson adds that since Biden has run before, he knows a campaign would be a “long, hard slog.”

In a match-up with Biden, Trump loses 46-42 in Florida, 46-37 in Ohio, and 45-42 in Pennsylvania.

SANDERS: He’s at 41 percent in Iowa with Biden out of the mix, compared to Clinton at 48 percent.

According to the New York Times, Beau Biden suffered what was described as a mild stroke in 2010.

And Vice President Joe Biden stands at 14 percent, even though he hasn’t decided if he’s running.

But with Biden removed from the list of candidates, Clinton’s lead jumped to 56% to Sanders’ 33%.

Turning to religion, Biden said his Catholic faith had provided him an “enormous sense of solace.”

887510 Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce this week whether he’ll run for president.

VP Biden says he has ‘plenty of time’ to weigh presidency Vice President Joe Biden to Run in 2016?

Biden avoided naming her among those who spoke forcefully in favor of the operation going forward.

Biden has always left the door open for a run but hasn’t made any overt steps toward a bid either.

A spokeswoman for the site confirmed they are ready to track Joe Biden items if he enters the race.

Doug Mills / Pool via Reuters 5. President Obama hugs Vice President Joe Biden during the services.

In May, Biden and his family were plunged into profound grief when Beau, 46, died from brain cancer.

Biden said in a television interview that he was “absolutely comfortable” with gay couples marrying.

The 1994 crime bill was introduced by a Delaware liberal, Joe Biden, and championed by Bill Clinton.

In his address, Biden described the many layers of screening for refugees seeking asylum in America.

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Like Obama, Biden hasn’t been shy in blasting Republicans for doing little to curb carbon emissions.

Second for the Bidens is Neil Diamond’s “You Make it Feel Like Christmas,” followed by “Let it Snow!

Hillary’s Hiding From You, blared an RNC mobile billboard that circled Biden‘s first event at Drake.

The sadness of the Biden family has to a remarkable and moving extent become a national sadness, too.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden mourned the loss of Biden‘s son, Beau, during a funeral mass held in June.

Well, Vice President Joe Biden probably didn’t see anything to deter him from jumping into this race.

You were there in ways that absolutely blew me away, Biden said at the Sussex County annual jamboree.

By comparison, 56 percent of Americans think Biden could win and just 44 percent think Sanders could.

Draft Biden is also adding staff in Florida, a purple state that votes two weeks after Super Tuesday.

He demurred, Clinton gave a command performance, and Biden‘s window — if ever there was one — shut.

In a famous photo at the time, Biden was seen being sworn into the chamber in his sons’ hospital room.

Vice President Joe Biden was on Capitol Hill twice last week for arm-twisting sessions with Democrats.

JIM WATSON via Getty Images Biden announced his decision during a press conference at the White House.