buzzword in a sentence

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After all, her “conscious uncoupling” with hubby Chris Martin has become the new buzzword for “divorcing.”

All his buzzwords were used up and a few new ones had been added.

And yes, he yelled on stage, just as he always does, with a generous helping of buzzwords and “thank yous.”

Certainly, accountability was this year’s buzzword.

Hyperlocal has been the breathlessly repeated buzzword.

Immersion is another buzzword used constantly by park owners and ride developers.

Last year, 4K was the new ultra high-resolution buzzword, but the volume of 4K content continues to be minimal.

Let’s recap 2013: the year “share” became a business model buzzword rather than a command from your mom.

Or, at the risk of introducing another buzzword, call it “small data.”

Sloppy, missed opportunities and defensive zone miscues were also buzzwords used by the Jets’ bench boss.

The buzzword for this idea is the “Internet of Things.”

This isn’t about using the right buzzwords to not insult women, their bodies, or their place in the family.

Greece, euro reforms and refugees were the buzzwords – but decisions will be made later.

Disintermediation: an economics buzzword that neatly explains a lot of the good that is going on.

I hear all the right buzzwords, but I don’t hear anything specific, Ryan Turner added.

Shankar 2008. “The buzzword,” the paper had adjudged, “should be transparency.

The buzzword thrown around during the nearly 3 year process was “streamlining.”

Today, informatics has become a buzzword particularly in America.

What’s missing are some buzzwords – deficit, child care, refugees and pensions, she says.

While “networking” wasn’t the buzzword in 1947 that it is today, the activity was certainly in good form.