carbon emission in a sentence

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The differing volumes of carbon emissions are plotted in the graph below.

Or, put another way: What we can save by cutting carbon emissions fast.

It also leaves many options for long-term goals for cutting carbon emissions.

So it’s clear that the world needs to act immediately to cut carbon emissions.

Reduced carbon emissions haven’t been the bike share’s only impact on the city.

If we drastically cut carbon emissions, we can stay below the 2-degree threshold.

These quasars also seem to exhibit low carbon emissions at ultraviolet wavelengths.

Afterward, Obama said the two were on the same page about lowering carbon emissions.

912741 We need to start thinking seriously about the carbon emissions from these fires.”

It’s possible Ontario will give some free carbon emission allowances to certain industries.

Mr Obama will travel to Paris in December to discuss a global carbon emissions reduction deal.

Postman said the governor isn’t planning to back away from his goal to reduce carbon emission.

He is also due to outline Chinese carbon emission cuts seen as crucial for Paris’ UN climate summit.

Like Obama, Biden hasn’t been shy in blasting Republicans for doing little to curb carbon emissions.