crass in a sentence

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I think the music is what makes it come off as a little crass, Sneed said.

It turned into very crass, vulgar, physically grabbing at my arm, she said.

“Those crass people proud of attacking religions are inflaming Islamophobia.

Doug Baldwin’s touchdown display of defecating the football was crass and vulgar.

Tim Brooke-Taylor explains, “We made Mary Whitehouse, we hoped, seem crass, with lines like: Bill: ‘What does your husband do?

All her records which followed, even expunged of the Gainsbourg signature, would be suspiciously viewed as having crass commercial motivations.

Elzar is crass and unpleasant, and has a very high opinion of himself.

Her work with Anarcho-punk band crass was seminal to the ‘ protest art ‘ of the 1980s.

He branded it “crass” and “offensive to the majority of nationalists and republicans in the north”.

These are individuals who delight in flooding web bulletin boards with crass and offensive comments (aka “crapflooding”).

In series 5 a more sensitive side to Mimi is introduced after her ex-boyfriend, Paddy, makes a crass comment about her weight.

They even appeared on the infamous crass pamphlet Toxic Grafity, with a condensation of their own propaganda parody series, Industrial News.

She has also worked as part of Last Amendment (formerly crass Agenda ).

crass played a major role in introducing anarchism to the punk subculture.

She has been raised without a mother, and lives with her crass brother and her father, whose attention is elsewhere.

Many anarcho-punks are pacifists (e.g. crass and Discharge ) and therefore believe in using non-violent means of achieving their aims.

Berger, George The Story of crass (Omnibus Press, 2006) In recent years he has developed an interest in the history of traditional east London music hall performance.