cut down on in a sentence

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He had cut down on sweets.

We can cut down on our use of energy.

They will cut down on their expenses.

My father cut down on salty food as I had advised.

The doctor advised my father to cut down on smoking.

After his heart attack, Jim had to cut down on his sugar intake.

If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on betweenmeal snacks.

You should cut down on meat if you want to lower your cholesterol level.

Education about birth control might help cut down on adolescent pregnancies.

I had to cut down on my coffee intake because I was having trouble sleeping at night.

As your doctor, I urge you to cut down on fatty foods if you don’t want to have heart trouble.

By properly insulating the windows, you can reduce drafts and cut down on exterior noise coming in.

By properly insulating the windows, you can reduce draughts and cut down on exterior noise coming in.

You’re going to have to start a regular exercise program, and cut down on your drinking if you want to get rid of that beer gut.

His efforts have helped drastically cut down on the waste generated.

476116 Maxime Pednaud-Jobin says the focus is to cut down on speeding.

EasyJet (ESYJY) is the latest airline to cut down on its Russia services.

Q: What can people do to rescue imperfect food and cut down on food waste?

“She hasn’t been drinking or doing drugs and she’s cut down on cigarettes.

The new suite will help them cut down on the number of animals they euthanize.

McDonald’s just recently pared down its menu to cut down on complexity and confusion.

Photo: Jeff Chiu / Associated Press Americans are asked to cut down on sugary drinks.

But he said he had cut down on his soda drinking, at the urging of his football coach.

Another reason why it’s so hard to cut down on sugar is that we simply love to eat it.

It’s cut down on traffic incidents and now there are events all the time,” he enthused.

She will likely cut down on costs and expenses to help Google regain profit acceleration.

Rosenbaum says that city living could cut down on commute times but could increase purchase costs.