discrepancies in a sentence

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Check the description against appraisals you have in hand and be ready to point out discrepancies.

The city is reviewing paycheck discrepancies issuing debit-like cards to city employees for any money owed.

As contradictions and discrepancies emerged, Rolling Stone apologized and said it would investigate what went wrong.

But discrepancies in the accounting for several years have raised a “major doubt,” she said.

But Kaag said the OPCW is still working with Syria to resolve discrepancies in its declaration.

Certain background differences could explain the discrepancies, Dugan wrote.

Consumers who have unresolved discrepancies over their incomes will get notices at a later date.

Despite the discrepancies, a fix shouldn’t involve major changes.

discrepancies in figures are casting doubt on the true scale.

discrepancies were a theme going through Mr Tongo’s evidence, she said.

Examples of discrepancies such as this abound.

For six months Chesapeake declined to answer questions about these discrepancies posed by ProPublica.

However, there are large discrepancies in reports of the number of people freed since January.

However, witness testimony and an evaluation of Ransom’s injuries pointed to discrepancies in Ransom’s story.

I think it’s equally curious that there are *no* discrepancies between witnesses..

In response to a DW request, the Transport Ministry did not offer any other explanation for the test discrepancies.

It searched for abnormalities like date discrepancies, irregular approvals or missing signatures.

It was not immediately possible to clarify the discrepancies between the two accounts.

It’s unclear what action the book’s publisher will take in response to the discrepancies in Shin’s story.

MacLean said investigators relied on documents from fishermen, processors and buyers, to show discrepancies.

States that running their own marketplaces handling immigration and citizenship discrepancies separately.

Such discrepancies are common in the chaos immediately after an attack.

The discrepancies in Johnson’s stories were minor and perhaps a product of the questions he was asked.

The discrepancies of the party were perceived clearly.

There were also several discrepancies in the post-mortem report.

Currently, travelers face massive discrepancies from city to city.

Statistical results are weighted to correct known demographic discrepancies.

Armstrong bases his claims on photographs which appear to show discrepancies in Oswald’s physique and facial features.

discrepancies There are some differences between the series and the novels.

discrepancies would identify malfunctioning and malicious nodes.

He was listed as 56 years old last year, though there are discrepancies in his birth date.

Impact of the war Casualties There are large discrepancies in many of the estimates of casualties during the war.

In the late 20th century, discovery of the discrepancies in date caused a crisis of definition.

Smaller or lower-grade kits often require paint to give the model a finished appearance, due to color discrepancies.

Some of these discrepancies are the result of use of centimetre measures in some countries and inch measures in others.

Test test scripts merely mimic human interactions, and only note discrepancies to expected baseline data.

The meeting of medical officials aims to sort through that and other discrepancies.

There are many general reasons for the discrepancies in Native American disease prevalence.

There have been no serious maintenance discrepancies with Vietnam Airlines in its history.

They point out several discrepancies in the Scriptures, and infer therefrom a non-divine authorship.

Those same discrepancies are visible across party lines, albeit less dramatically.