dispatch in a sentence

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The government dispatched missions abroad.

Brendan Elliott says the city treats the Uber app like a dispatcher.

A company dispatcher said no one was available for comment Saturday.

St. Louis Post-dispatch (TNS) To my mind, dill is the forgotten herb.

Skaggs, standing in front of his niece’s apartment, told the dispatch.

Members were dispatched for two years of training in China and Russia.

Later in April 2003, however, the same dispatcher filed a second memo.

The dispatcher asks, “Why do you feel like you want to kill yourself?”

You’re the chief of police in Peachtree City? the dispatcher repeated.

887499 Vice President Jason Ring dispatched crews to survey the damage.

That really scared me, Torres told the dispatcher, her voice trembling.

16631 Ada County dispatch confirmed that CPR was performed on the scene.

He tells dispatchers that one suspect “assaulted me with his skateboard.”

dispatched to the 800 block of Miller in reference to a neighbor dispute.

It is more important that a response be dispatched as quickly as possible.

dispatch walked the caller through CPR, but they weren’t able to save him.

University police dispatchers said they could not release any information.

Secondary Navigation Field dispatches from the best reporters in the world.

The dispatcher asks him to tell her when he hears the siren on a squad car.

The dispatcher told the chief to apply direct pressure to his wife’s wound.

Neighbors told 911 dispatchers a woman could be heard screaming in the home.

dispatch: Do you know what color shirt and pants he was wearing when he left?

Jones’ dispatches were carried by newspapers in Britain, Germany and America.

Arson investigators were dispatched to determine origin and cause of the fire.

They’ll dispatch as soon as the storms end and the weather clears, Yager said.

dispatched to the 200 block of Elm in reference to checking suspicious person.

dispatchers heard the woman beg her husband not to retrieve a gun from a safe.

dispatch records show units responded to an address on Lower Brice Creek Road.

Michelle Mann says her husband is a truck driver and she works as a dispatcher.

dispatchers say the person hit was taken to the hospital as mainly a precaution.

Occupant was issued a citation. 3. 2000 S Dumas – dispatched reference to theft.

Porter was dispatched because the nearest ambulances were on calls or transfers.

Police called the store but didn’t get an answer so a patrol car was dispatched.

Qodriyatun said her boss had dispatched her to Riau to compile a report on haze.

The dispatcher, who has been identified as Keith Weisinger, eventually caught on.

dispatched to the above location in reference to a couple arguing about property.

A Metro 911 dispatcher told WSAZ that there is no word on that person’s condition.

Gevaudan, were in a meeting at the Codiac detachment when the call was dispatched.

When asked by a dispatcher for a description of the man, Hummons described himself.

The US, for its part, dispatched nuclear specialists and other assistance to Japan.

Asif said Monday that Pakistan hadn’t yet decided whether to dispatch combat troops.

The dispatcher talked Barton into putting the knife down and surrendering to police.

Horse-back patrols will also be dispatched to monitor the pipelines, officials said.

The Security Council’s charter allows it to dispatch a U.N. force to stop aggression.

Details of the summary were first reported by the St. Louis Post-dispatch on Tuesday.

dispatcher: And you can’t talk about it because there’s someone in the room with you?

The dispatcher responded by asking for the address then sent an officer to the scene.

Not so, he told The Columbus dispatch in an interview from coach Urban Meyer’s office.

The passengers had to cool their heels while another bus was dispatched to the rescue.

Wildlife teams were immediately dispatched to rescue any animals injured by the spill.

Also, Worley told the female dispatcher he would please her as no man has pleased her.

It said all four men had been dispatched to Syria by al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri.

It said all four men had been dispatched to Syria by al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri.

Such warnings should be initiated by Ukrainian dispatcher services, certified by ICAO.

A driver is dispatched to quickly pick up the leftovers and deliver them to food banks.

He said dispatch lines were flooded with worried relatives and friends asking for help.

Ohio Darrel Rowland has been public affairs editor of The Columbus dispatch since 1999.

Blunt plays an FBI agent dispatched to fight the drug war along the U.S.-Mexico border.

On average, the company dispatches 15 shipping containers of salal worldwide each week.

Police were dispatched to the scene, but – other than the salt – no damage was reported.

I was dispatched to 400 block of S. Klein in reference to a civil matter, child custody.

Pendleton County dispatch said it happened in the 800 block of Richland Road Monday night.

Once they spot a wreck or trouble spot, they dispatch first responders like John Lundberg.

Megan Lange, Phoenix Fire Department dispatcher, died from her injuries Tuesday afternoon.

He then dispatches a press officer to grab a photo of him published by a Russian newspaper.

Boyd County 911 told WSAZ that emergency calls are coming into a separate line to dispatch.

That’s when the man who lives there shot the suspect in the back, according to dispatchers.

Gliniewicz told dispatchers the men ran into a swampy area, and he requested a second unit.

dispatchers said Middleport Fire, Pomeroy Fire and Rutland Fire all responded to the scene.

The Fresno County EMS dispatch center lost contact with the helicopter at 7:05 p.m. Thursday.

In a call made in April 2014, a monotone voice tells the dispatcher, “She’s just laying there.

Valtierra called 9-1-1, and a bystander helped her communicate her emergency to the dispatcher.

Inspector Randall Wright says several ambulances were dispatched and crews evaluated 23 people.

Taylor was one of several officers dispatched to the assisted-living facility where Wrana lived.

On Thursday just after 8:00 p.m., the Portsmouth dispatch Center received the report of a crash.

France said it dispatched elite troops trained in hostage rescue and counterterrorism operations.

Five members of the company’s management are dispatched across Africa to find the best candidate.

The police, navy and coast guard were reported to have dispatched teams to locate the kidnappers.

Britain’s Chancellor George Osborne poses for the media with the traditional red dispatch box an …

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Douglas County dispatch at (541) 440-4471.

But she says the FBI, the U.S. Marshals Service and other federal authorities have been dispatched.

Burnett says dispatchers got a report late Tuesday night of a person yelling for help in the river.

The bill calls for counties with fewer than 250,000 residents to have only one 911 dispatch center.

Likud dispatched a fiery Sephardic legislator, Miri Regev, to the market in Haifa to make its case.

A NWS survey team will be dispatched to the area Monday to determine the event’s “strength rating.”

The men had been providing security for a bomb disposal team dispatched to neutralize another bomb.

The St. Louis Post-dispatch reports several clergy members joined the small crowd of demonstrators.

Moments later, the dispatcher repeated to an officer the description of the irate man with the gun.

If you encounter road hazards, Pennington says to call the local ODOT dispatch number: 800-858-3103.

Daniel Crespo Jr. called 911 to report the shooting, telling a dispatcher: “He’s on the floor dying.

“Being 911 operators and dispatchers, it’s in our nature to help people, especially our work family.

He told the station that Sanchez dispatched an ambulance 80 seconds before he hung up on the caller.

KASICH: The Columbus dispatch quotes him as saying “I’m not even close to making a decision on this.”

Seattle police are dispatched to roughly 860,000 emergency calls of all types each year, Nelson said.

But it concluded the situation did not meet the legal conditions for the dispatch of Japanese forces.

By using a proximity-based dispatch system, drivers can arrive within 15 to 30 minutes in urban areas.

Officer was dispatched to 100 block of N. 6th in reference to two suspicious males pacing in the area.

Deeply concerned by this news, we dispatched letters to the agony aunts of Fleet Street to seek advice.

He writes his agony column in the New York Post-dispatch daily newspaper.