distracting in a sentence

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A fly was buzzing around the room while I was trying to study, and it kept distracting me.

One student was muttering to himself all through the test, and it was distracting some of the others.

Students often seem to find it a little distracting to have the teacher beside them listening to them during their discussions.

Because it would be distracting (from the point of view of the fashion industry).

I can’t speak for everyone, but for me, physical pain is extremely “distracting.”

It’s certainly fair to say that the issue of distracting walking is an attention grabber.

For one team in Arizona, their crazy fans actually help win games by distracting the opponents.

One study found listening to a child whine is more distracting than many other annoying sounds.

In a later publication and response Goldstein agreed to differ on the use of the word “serf” to prevent a terminological discussion distracting from the examination of societal conditions.