DNA in a sentence

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Learn how to use DNA in a sentence – Example sentences:

Every individual has a unique DNA.

DNA tests have revolutionized criminal investigations.

The structure of DNA resembles a long, twisted ladder.

DNA and proteins are key molecules of the nucleus of a cell.

A DNA test has firmly established the identity of the murderer.

DNA is the genetic information that passes from parent to offspring.

Segments of DNA molecules are patterns for the production of proteins.

Each strand of the DNA molecule is composed of a series of nucleotides.

The DNA of chimpanzees shows a remarkable similarity to that of humans.

DNA evidence has provided conclusive proof of the identity of the killer.

Detectives were able to link the murderer to the crime using DNA evidence.

Some kinds of cancer are caused by inherited defects in DNA repair mechanisMs. Police believe that DNA testing will determine if the suspect is guilty or not.

The information coded on DNA must be preserved for the survival of an organism.

Protein synthesis is a sequential process in which DNA is transformed into protein.

Cancer can be caused by discrete mutations in our DNA, such as those caused by UV sunlight.

Emily is working on a research project studying the genes of DNA extracted from fruit flies.

Scientists are now mapping patterns of tiny differences in DNA which distinguish one human from another.

The real clincher in the case was a spot of blood that was linked to the murderer through DNA analysis.

clingThe identity of a child who died when the Titanic sank in 1912 was determined 90 years later, using a sample of the girl’s DNA.

The DNA of a human being consists of over 3 billion building blocks whose sequences form genes, much in the same way that letters spell a word.

Scientists have recently extracted DNA evidence from fossilized bone samples which suggests that Neanderthal man was not actually our ancestor.

A DNA sample was taken from a 10,000-year-old skeleton in England, and then traced to a modern-day ancestor still living in the town of Cheddar.

Scientists working in the battle against cancer are hoping to be able to manipulate the DNA of a cancer sufferer so that the disease kills itself.

By mapping the tiny differences in DNA which distinguish one human from another, researchers will be able to find genes which permit the development of common illnesses.

The oldest-known link between prehistoric man and modern man was made in Cheddar, England, when the DNA of a man in the town was matched to a 10,000-year-old skeleton found in a cave.

By analyzing DNA from people in all regions of the world, it has been determined that all humans alive today are descended from a single man who lived in Africa around 60,000 years ago.

His DNA was on file with Spanish authorities, French media reported.

776292There are no plastic bags of evidence awaiting the DNA expert.

Forensics workers used DNA testing to aid the identification process.

Inside the car they find DNA they can’t identify from several sources.

The remains will then be sent to another lab in Omaha for DNA analysis.

DNA has been used to identify the remains, with more than 200 confirmed.

Yep, that’s right, can’t blame your DNA, other people or outside forces.

Prosecutors have said they have DNA evidence tying Matthew to the attack.

731113The hybrid cell contains the couple’s DNA and healthy mitochondria.

A single strand of human DNA, fully unraveled, would run from head to toe.

They test pregnant women’s blood, which contain small amounts of fetal DNA.

We know the DNA test will establish our claim,” said villager Edison Mahato.

The number of convictions obtained by DNA has risen steadily year after year.

Ridgway, an Auburn truck painter, was arrested in 2001 based on DNA evidence.

They’re specific patterns of DNA sequences, which can be edited out of genes.

739376The lab submitted the boy’s DNA into a national database in late 2014.

The remains or DNA of 33 women, including Lane, were found on Pickton’s farm.

DNA testing will be done to identify the second body that was recovered Sunday.

The DNA evidence links the Teardrop Rapist to these three crimes, Simpson said.

However, the victim’s DNA matched that of blood found in a car owned by Yamada.

He doesn’t have that psychology and he never will because it’s not in his DNA.”

The report said peacekeepers from Uruguay had been asked to submit DNA samples.

Now breakthrough research reveals yoga and meditation can positively affect DNA.

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