dominating in a sentence

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Learn how to use dominating in a sentence – Example sentences:

The boy’s mother is a very dominating person who does not allow him to make his own decisions.

It has such a strong, dominating flavor that it is best used sparingly.

He plays the dominating provocateur, with Teller his mischievous accomplice.

Japanese women have been a dominating force in figure skating for quite some time.

Avoid dominating the conversation or constantly steering the topic back to yourself.

I usually find the guys so disgusting or dominating in a way that is so condescending.

However, even though Russia hosted the meeting, China was viewed as dominating the grouping.

We were the dominating team but you have to create more chances when you are the dominating team.

“We do not have any particular dominating pitchers, so I used six players on the mound for the game.

With Celtic dominating the domestic game the bigger clubs were once again agitating for change.

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