doubted in a sentence

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Learn how to use doubted in a sentence – Example sentences:

The lawyer doubted his innocence.

He doubted the truth of her story.

Nobody likes to have his true motive doubted.

Democrats said they shared that goal but doubted it would have much effect.

Bland’s family and supporters have doubted the official account of her death.

Snowden said that when he first made his revelations in 2013, some doubted him.

He said a decade ago he would have doubted a woman could pass the rigorous course.

Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough said he doubted Tiffany would meet these targets.

It’s definitely a stepping stone for our confidence, for any young guys who doubted themselves.

Though Mebane said he never doubted he would make it back, he had to train and rehab differently.

Somehow she doubted that preparing meals for the child and the husband featured very high on the agenda .

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