downtown in a sentence

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Learn how to use downtown in a sentence – Example sentences:

I often go downtown on Sunday.

We go downtown to do shopping.

She is a lounge singer in a club downtown.

Where do the buses for downtown leave from?

My mother went shopping downtown yesterday.

Can you mail this parcel for me when you go downtown?He skipped class to go downtown with friends.

We ran out of gas on the way to downtown Tokyo.

Please tell me which bus to take to go downtown.

The convention is being held in a downtown hotel.

She works in a clinic downtown as a massage therapist.

San Antonio is noted for the beauty of its downtown area.

This camera costs about $50 less at CameraWorld downtown.

Do you want a lift downtown? I’m heading that way myself.

Traffic was crawling through the downtown core at rush hour.

She works in a very bland, 2-story office building downtown.

Their wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful park downtown.

There is a handicraft market downtown every Saturday morning.

We cruised around downtown in my friend’s new car all weekend.

Walking swiftly, you can get downtown in about fifteen minutes.

There is a march downtown to support the rights of homosexuals.

The old man is living in a shelter for homeless people downtown.

My wife works as a legal secretary in a large law firm downtown.

They separated once they were downtown, but agreed to meet later.

The earthquake damaged a number of buildings in the downtown core.

Souvenirs for sale in the downtown area are outrageously expensive.

We went dancing at a nice little joint that just opened up downtown.

Marcia’s parents were reluctant to let her go downtown alone at night.

The noise of traffic is one of the worst things about living downtown.

His wife works as a massage practitioner in a medical office downtown.

There are few places downtown for parking, which is a serious problem.

My neighbor does volunteer work for a charitable organization downtown.

We used to live downtown, but we moved out to the suburbs about a year ago.

I bought a nice pair of engraved antique eyeglasses in a shop downtown for $25.

The downtown location of the office building makes it an attractive investment.

I saw Geena downtown with this gorgeous-looking guy that I’ve never seen before.

He has finished his degree, and is currently articling with a law firm downtown.

A serious traffic accident halted traffic in the downtown core for over an hour.

Jay and Wally cruised the bars downtown, but they didn’t meet anyone interesting.

One man is dead, and another critically injured following a fight in a downtown bar.

I don’t like to ride my bicycle downtown during rush hour because it’s too dangerous.

They took a somewhat circuitous route to avoid the downtown core during the rush hour.

The police arrested the suspect after a dangerous car chase through the downtown core.

There are always a lot of beautiful girls hanging around the modeling agency downtown.

Three workers were killed today in an accidental blast at a downtown construction site.

If you want to see the manager, you’ll have to go to our main branch, which is downtown.

The young girls danced non-stop for about 5 hours at a rave being held in a hall downtown.

The ceaseless noise of traffic is one of the worst things about living in the downtown core.

We bought some delicious New York-style bagels at a new bakery which just opened up downtown.

The cause of the fire which destroyed a downtown department store has not yet been determined.

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