dug in a sentence

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Learn how to use dug in a sentence – Example sentences:

He dug a hole.

They dug a grave.

He dug the hole bit by bit.

An antique pot was dug out.

We dug a hole in the ground.

He dug a hole in the garden.

The cat dug its claws into my hand.

They dug here and there for treasure.

The prisoner dug a hole under the prison wall.

The police dug out some facts about the matter.

A new tunnel has been dug through the mountain.

They dug through the mountain and built a tunnel.

The small dog dug a hole and buried his food in it.

Before he went fishing, he dug up some worms for bait.

We dug a large pit, and built a fire in it to roast the pig.

We dug a big pit in our back yard to build a fire for a barbecue.

We dug a pit on the beach, and built a fire in it to cook our supper.

The children dug a tunnel though the snow, and played in it for hours.

He dug into the compost and found tons of worms to use as fishing bait.

We dug up the earth, and then just scattered grass seed here and there.

The children dug a small grave for their pet rabbit, and then quietly buried it.

The prisoners dug a tunnel under the fence in order to escape from the penitentiary.

The hunters dug a deep pit, and covered it with grass, and then waited for the tiger to fall into it.

The heat produced by the decomposing matter in the compost was such that when I dug into the pile, steam rose out of it.

It must either be dug up or blasted from under the ground using steam.

179960Currently, IS is “dug into the civilian population,” Obama said.

If they’d dug another four feet they would have been gone,” says Kelso.

She dug deeper and decided Lyme disease could be a possibility after all.

As they dug deeper, they brought wagons and mules underground to haul ore.

They said Seattle has dug its own hole by over-regulating new construction.

A deep trench was dug to protect structural supports, and a wall was opened.

The families lived in dug-outs first, as they fought for the right to settle.

Ed dug into it as I stood around handing him tools and pointing the flashlight.

CBC North dug this up as part of our celebration of 20 years on air for both shows.

Back in the day, people just dug a hole in the sand and enveloped themselves in it.

I dug it out here today – I’m going through and cleaning out my office, Babcock said.

He came to visit Oshay’s grave and noticed a freshly dug plot just a couple rows away.

So they dug deeper, talking to the scientists involved, to separate fact from fiction.

The Ai family was sent to a labor camp and spent time living ina pit dug in the ground.

She dug a hole in the forest floor and lay in it covered with dirt to keep warm overnight.

Then searchers dug out her relative, Rony Ramos, and took him on a stretcher to a hospital.

We had stretches in the game when we was doing that but got in a little funk and dug a hole.

On Saturday, he went out for groceries and came home to find a huge hole dug by an excavator.

In fact, only a handful of states have dug into whether insurers are complying with parity laws.

“He really dug in and did a lot of work in the weight room in the off season and it showed a lot.

At Kawayu Onsen (pictured), holes dug along the river have created natural outdoor bathing areas.

On nearby Queen Street, 23 skeletons have been dug up since 2013 as workers repaired a water main.

“All of my fingernails came off and I could see the bones, but I dug and dug to survive,” he said.

His companions dug him out in less than 20 minutes and performed CPR but were unable to revive him.

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