dynamic in a sentence

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The money merge account is an integrated and dynamic mortgage acceleration .

Discussion question: Are you a dynamic person or a low-key person? eager
Anna is a very dynamic teacher, and the students love her classes.

The dynamic economy of the U.


is the envy of the world.

James is just the sort of motivated, dynamic person we need on our sales team.

The earth is a dynamic planet which has been forever changing throughout time.

The economy of this country was very dynamic in the post-war period of the 1950s.

You should try to change the format of your presentation to be a bit more dynamic.

Kenneth Hildebrand once observed that strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes.

Bill is a very dynamic speaker, his presentations are always interesting and passionate.

I enjoy dynamic courses where the teacher is always introducing new ideas and activities.

Our earth functions as a dynamic system on a scale which many may find difficult to grasp.

Boston dynamic‘s robot, RHex, is an amazing piece of work that can run over various terrains.

Our earth functions as a dynamic system on a scale which many may find difficult to grasp.

Our earth functions as a dynamic system on a scale which many may find difficult to grasp.

Discussion question: Do you believe that it is the duty of all citizens to serve in the military? dynamic
He is a very uncontroversial, boring leader, but he will do until a more dynamic person comes along.

Since World War Two, Japan has been able to reconstruct itself into one of the most dynamic economies in the world.

It’s important to have a dynamic opener to any speech or presentation you give, in order to set an interesting tone.

The presence of a woman on our management team appears to have made the dynamic of the group a little less confrontational.

Evelyn Waugh once suggested that instead of this absurd division into sexes, they ought to class people as static and dynamic.

The Earth’s shorelines represent a dynamic system which is continually being modified by the forces of ocean waves and currents.

The presence of a woman on our management team seems to have made the dynamic of the group a little less confrontational somehow.

Kenneth Hildebrand once stated that strong lives are motivated by dynamic purposes, lesser ones exist on wishes and inclinations.

He’s certainly an intelligent, thoughtful individual, but we need someone a little more dynamic to lead us into the next election.

People in this generation need to be able to adapt to change quickly because of the dynamic nature of technological change in modern society.

In a dynamic institute of this kind, the parameters outlining the relationship between teachers and learners are constantly being explored and redefined.

John Locke once remarked, “That which is static and repetitive is boring.

That which is dynamic and random is confusing.

In between lies art.

Policing can absolutely be a dynamic and complex job, the chief said.

Having those rains in between the snows totally changes the dynamic.”

Ehlers, the dynamic Dane, was in 4th place in the rookie scoring race.

That’s the interesting dynamic and the dualities of the hosting those.

But she wanted to be more dynamic and have people connect with her work.

I think with this new dynamic, that changes the Israeli calculus as well.

Lopez’s fate will be a delicate issue in the new power dynamic in Caracas.

She answered, “Our new front face is very exciting, dynamic and attractive.

This dynamic poses a long-term threat to the country’s political stability.”

For publicly owned corporations, we don’t have the family dynamic to turn to.

According to Gartner, computing must move away from static to dynamic models.

D., whose doctoral dissertation explores Nevada’s dynamic psychedelic history.

End-November to End-December 2015 — dynamic testing and necessary adjustment.

A place for dynamic connection between eSport viewers, streamers and sponsors.

AusCorp Connect is Australia’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourcing provider.

It seems like North and Penelope are really shaping up to be a dynamic cute duo.

AusCorp Connect are Australia’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourcing provider.

This dynamic presents a perverse set of incentives that opens the door for abuse.

However, these sentiments mask a dynamic that should give CIOs and IT high hopes.

The dynamic Asian city state once again tops the World Bank’s 2016 global rankings.

Over stretches of months and years, the dynamic can shift into friendlier territory.

Is there a way to open someone’s eyes to an unhealthy dynamic from which he benefits?

I think the dynamic of practicing in a rural area would be really interesting as well.”

This number is due in part to the “something for everyone” dynamic the island presents.

‘A dynamic process’ Super-Earths are worlds up to 10 times more massive than our planet.

This dynamic is somewhat surprising, particularly given the high profile of these cases.

Some of those twelve thousand boxes created the most dynamic sounds of the past century.

This action-packed musical explodes on the stage with memorable songs and dynamic dances.

The dynamic in the society needs to be addressed so we can fix this public health crisis.

Whether a global simulcast of Game of Thrones will change this dynamic remains to be seen.

“Hey, yeah, dynamic, the left engine looks like it’s leaking, I don’t know, a lot of fuel.

“Online-offline interaction has become one of the most dynamic forms of economic activity.

“We are going to maintain the same dynamic, these things exist (venues, snow, compactness).

Lowering the vacancy rate would help make the uptown a more dynamic place to live, he said.

It seems ironic that you had two dynamic players that were the beginning of that franchise.

The field was also smaller with eight candidates, down from CNBC’s 10, changing the dynamic.

The other big dynamic at the time was the end of the Federal Reserve’s bond-buying stimulus.

You just enter a user or hashtag and can see a dynamic visualization of Twitter interactions.

The solution is heat: As long as the core stays hot, the dynamo can keep being … uh, dynamic.

Certainly wearing a uniform to the medal ceremony would have changed the dynamic of the story.

238039 For years Linda Picceri (Blaze) has captivated audiences with her dynamic performances.

He’s a dynamic leader at the helm of a company in a very fast-changing industry, Marangi said.

Russ wants to introduce more dynamic conversation sequences that reward truly curious players.

GRONK: Gronkowski was dynamic with five catches for 94 yards and touchdowns of 16, 6 and 1 yard.

Adapting to a different family dynamic once tragedy strikes is, if anything, the film’s message.

The relational exchange of the Yes and No partnership is a dynamic relationship; it isn’t fixed.

More than a dozen vessels from 11 countries are participating in the “dynamic Mongoose” exercise.

Bottom Line Looksery is a fun way to turn your photos and videos into more dynamic presentations.

And from the accounts I’ve read, it hasn’t helped them create a terribly healthy, dynamic culture.

I thought it was beautiful to see someone as dynamic as him have such a great dialogue with people.

143787 But when the examination subject is also your teacher, the power dynamic is flipped entirely.

The Air Force F-22 Raptor and the newer F-35 Lightning II showed off their dynamic flying abilities.

The dynamic home screen of the watch and the Digital Crown are unique and speak of Apple innovation.

AusCorp Connect Pty is Australia’s most ambitious and dynamic outsourced sales and marketing provider.

It’s a high-flyer, says Timothy Hooker, founder of dynamic Wealth and a portfolio manager on Covestor.

Asbill said the dynamic nature of Robertson’s position also played a role in his approval of the hire.

“We decided to expand the brand to 14th street because of the highly dynamic and diverse neighborhood.

A. The Ageless Secret works because our skin is dynamic.

When our model is rerun under the dynamic assumption that marginal tax rate changes alter aggregate investment , employment, and economic activity, the model estimates that the negative impact of the phase-out depresses the labor supply by more than the phase-in bolsters the labor supply.

The standard all-wheel drive is very dynamic and greatly improves traction.