elevated in a sentence

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An individual’s abdominal cavity would generate elevated free fatty acid flux to the liver.

He had an elevated heart rate during the days of his final exaMs.
Movie stars in the U.S. have been elevated to the status of royalty.

In Fiji, a commoner who shows great leadership qualities can be elevated to the rank of high chief.

In Fiji, a commoner who displays great leadership skills can be elevated to the rank of high chief.

Beckman’s performance this season has truly elevated him to the status of a superstar in his sport.

The Prime Minister has elevated a former backbencher to the position of Minister of the Environment.

The use of a string quartet in the Beatles’ song, “Yesterday,” elevated it above the simple status of a pop song.

Health researchers are investigating the elevated rate of certain types of cancers in the area around the factory.

Joan’s promotion marks the first time a woman has been elevated to the position of vice-president of this company.

To relieve your backache, try lying down on the floor with your knees bent, and your legs elevated and resting on a chair.

Scientists are concerned that elevated ocean temperatures along the Pacific coast may affect the return of salmon to the region.

Houses along the river are elevated about five feet above the ground to protect them during the flooding which occurs during the rainy season.

A self-styled prophet lives on an elevated platform in the center of town.

Rooms are elevated to be their best, using recycled products when possible.

Officials recently confirmed elevated blood-lead levels were found in children.

The FAO, in 2013, elevated its goal from reducing hunger to eliminating hunger.

Now the fact that he’s now martyred has elevated him to a James Dean, and beyond.

This prompted Bondoc to bring the case to the CA until it was elevated to the SC.

The first crash left a truck dangling over the edge of an elevated portion of I-5.

Art Puddister proposed the city spend $1 million to help build an elevated pedway.

My heart rate spiked and stayed elevated for a few minutes until it was clear it was over.

A decade of living in some of the world’s best cities had given Souki some elevated tastes.

There is evidence, however, that flu may be a crucial driver of this year’s elevated deaths.

The head of Porsche, Matthias Mueller, has just been elevated to the top role at Volkswagen.

128801 But I think most asset prices have been pushed by central banks to very elevated levels.”

Of course, the elevated subway doesn’t literally run in the water, but as a kid it felt that way.

Crews evacuated five homes on the street after finding elevated levels of carbon monoxide within.

We elevated everything: the quality, the fit, and we really focused on listening to the customer.”

78412 A slightly elevated inflation level would be an indication that the economy is strengthening.

Sony (6758.T-JP), Panasonic (6752.T-JP) and Canon (7751.T-JP) elevated between 1.3 and 5.3 percent.

elevated mortality began around 1880-1890 and peaked in the 1970s and 1980s, according to the study.

Robinson tumbled off the elevated sidewalk and hit his head on the ground, knocking him unconscious.

The weather condition elevated to stronger winds and rains Thursday midnight until early daw Friday.

The city today has no subway or tram system outside a 3-mile elevated loop that serves only downtown.

It cruises slightly elevated above the surrounding agrarian land.

The older alluvium called bhangar, forms slightly elevated terraces usually above the flood levels.

An elevated portion of a frontal zone forces broad areas of lift, which form clouds decks such as altostratus or cirrostratus.