emotional in a sentence

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Learn how to use emotional in a sentence – Example sentences:

They are more emotional than we.

They experienced emotional pain and despair.

Human beings are emotional creatures, so to speak.

You are backing yourself into a bad emotional corner.

The play has been criticized for its emotional shallowness.

His severe emotional dysfunction was very clearly apparent.

Cats show emotional habits parallel to those of their owners.

Doing scientific testing on animals is a very emotional issue.

The child suffered emotional problems for years after the attack.

She gets very emotional whenever she talks about her father’s death.

I agree on an emotional level, but on the pragmatic level I disagree.

Parents of the kidnapped child made an emotional plea for her release.

Find someone who considers her/himself to be an emotional person.

emphasisMy mom got really emotional at the airport when I was coming to New Zealand.

Eating disorders appear to be caused by emotional and psychological factors.

It is normal for Russian men to kiss each other under emotional circumstances.

It’s difficult to think rationally when everyone is so emotional about the subject.

Divorce can lead to feelings of vulnerability and emotional insecurity in children.

Children growing up in a war zone may suffer emotional problems for their entire lives.

Discussion question: Do you consider yourself to be a more logical, or a more emotional person?Taking care of elderly parents can be quite an emotional and financial burden for a family.

She is a very spontaneous, emotional person, and doesn’t always think things through properly.

His mother had serious emotional problems, and had to be institutionalized for an extended period.

She was so emotional that she found it hard to keep her hand steady when she signed her marriage license.

If you examine the problem intelligently, and without getting emotional, I’m sure you’ll find a solution.

Jerome studied psychology at UCLA because he is interested in working with people who have emotional probleMs. Studies show that women generally look to marriage for security, while men seek intimacy and emotional support.

Christian was having some emotional problems, and had to stay in the psychiatric ward of the hospital for a while.

Discussion question: Men are generally more rational, and women are generally more emotional.

True or false? rattleWe treat various illnesses using the essences of flowers to promote healing on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Northcote Parkinson once said that where life is appallingly monotonous, religion must be emotional, dramatic and intense.

In the painting, Mary’s pose echoes that of Christ, signifying her physical and emotional identification with his suffering.

Ashley Montagu once observed that our emotional need for love is as definite and compelling as our need for food.

compensationAlice Miller once said, “Men are too emotional to vote.

Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this.

“Someone once said that the fewer clear facts you have in support of an opinion, the stronger your emotional attachment is to that opinion.

Julius Erving once said that the key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

The quality of emotional relationships within families ranges from the highly positive to the highly negative, though detachment also occurs.

In Kuwait, free clinics have been set up to offer medical and emotional support to people who were tortured or traumatized during the recent Gulf War.

Her physical injuries have healed, but it will be a long time before the psychological scars of being attacked will stop causing her emotional probleMs. Personally, I find that contemporary cinema, though certainly more advanced in terms of technology, nonetheless lacks some of the emotional depth of films of the 1940s.


Douglas Brown has written that a total physical, intellectual, and emotional response are necessary to successfully send and receive messages in a second language.

A recent study suggests that odor-evoked memories may seem clearer or more intense than other memories because they are more emotional than memories triggered by audio, or visual cues.

In order to live happily and healthily with parakeets or parrots, you should understand the science of animal behavior for domesticated birds, and consider the emotional effect of losing them eventually.

It is a great emotional strain for a person when a spouse is diagnosed with cancer, but unfortunately all the attention is usually given to the patient, and his or her partner’s need for support may be overlooked.

He expects it will be an emotional experience to see the items sold.

423236“It was just elation, the biggest amount of emotional relief.

Kim McPherson said working on the patch was an emotional experience.

Forgiveness is vital to our emotional health and spiritual survival.

Sad, upset, happy, ecstatic, emotional, humbled, inspired, motivated.

“Control of your physical space leads to freedom in emotional space.”

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