emphasize in a sentence

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Learn how to use emphasize in a sentence – Example sentences:

High contrast interior colors emphasize design lines and accentuate the elegant cabin .

Japanese companies emphasize hierarchy.

I cannot emphasize too much how important it is that you finish high school.

The candidate paraded a number of leading business figures before the media to emphasize his support in the business world.

The government has declared its intention to emphasize the primacy of family values, which they consider to be the basis of all society.

In our program, we emphasize the importance of building your vocabulary, which we consider to be even more important than grammar study.

Kings of the Chou dynasty in ancient China called themselves the “Sons of Heaven” to emphasize that their rule was a mandate from the gods.

The American and Russian Presidents muted their differences during their meeting today, choosing instead to stand together and emphasize the narrowing areas where their nations could agree.

The Roman Empire constructed arches from Germany to North Africa, and to Asia Minor to honor their victories over the local populations, and to emphasize the technical and artistic superiority of the Romans.

He made sure to emphasize that he “resigned,” and was not “dismissed.”

Officials emphasize that, so far, no classified systems have been impacted.

In his closing remarks, Jindal tried to emphasize his “outsider” credentials.

In his closing remarks, Jindal tried to emphasize his “outsider” credentials.

Then the elderly will emphasize with the child and the child with the elderly.”

The leaders sought to emphasize the countries’ close cultural and economic ties.

But we’re going to have to continue to emphasize that stuff is not what we want.”

To educate students and in the community to emphasize the importance of the issue.”

And he continued to emphasize a political solution to the nearly four-year conflict.

So while some teams emphasize hardware innovation, Team IHMC could focus on software.

Identify the differentiating factor that will allow you to stand out, and emphasize it.

The school plans to emphasize pedestrian safety to students when class is back in session.

She advises parents to be truthful but emphasize what you can do as a family to stay safe.

Obama told the man that the tide is shifting on drug policy to emphasize treatment for addicts.

In the light of this desire of the Pope I would like to emphasize a few expectations of the visit.

Both countries have sought to emphasize areas where they do agree, most notably on climate change.

It had been shifting to emphasize software and services before announcing the breakup plan last year.

Every stylistic sweep is calculated to emphasize aggression and road dominance.

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