emphasized in a sentence

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Learn how to use emphasized in a sentence – Example sentences:

Abortionists emphasized speed and their own protection.

He emphasized the importance of peace.

She emphasized the importance of education.

He emphasized the importance of working hard.

The teacher particularly emphasized that point.

We emphasized the importance of his cooperation.

She emphasized a number of key points during her speech.

The teacher emphasized to the children the importance of being polite to each other.

During the election, the Prime Minister emphasized his government’s record in supporting social prograMs. My teacher always emphasized to me that what was most important was not always getting the right answer, but rather learning to think independently.

Coach Quinn has really emphasized over the preseason about finishing.

However, it must be clear who the lawful recipient is, he emphasized.

“What we have emphasized and agreed is that we are strategic partners.

The blackout emphasized the decrepit state of Pakistan’s electrical grid.

Lydia Mohamed emphasized the importance of not generalizing about MusliMs. Mayor Knowles emphasized how his city continues to evaluate the technology.

But MacKay emphasized he was stepping down “for entirely personal reasons.”

Xi emphasized that the mainland is desirous of more “eye level negotiations.”

“We definitely did testing, but it wasn’t emphasized as important as it is here.

Jenner continued and emphasized what an event the party is for her whole family.

He emphasized that hundreds of variables are contained within the few questions.

To this end, economic cooperation among the BRICS member nations was emphasized.

Russia has a special responsibility to find a political solution, NATO emphasized.

The president emphasized that judicial reform was the most anticipated in society.

758592The Obama administration has emphasized the refugee program vetting process.

Potters Without Borders only goes to countries where they are invited, he emphasized.

He also emphasized that the top vote-getters won’t necessarily be selected in the end.

That was the area Pete Carroll emphasized when asked about Bevell earlier in the week.

Summers emphasized his group had nothing to do with Dylann Roof, the suspected gunman.

Univision emphasized that the decision involved its entertainment programming, not news.

Scriven emphasized that she’s an educated person who has researched the issue carefully.

The pope further emphasized the need to build a more peaceful and just society in Bosnia.

The minister emphasized the “human dramas” driving people to make the treacherous journey.

But in an interview with CNN, he emphasized that he doesn’t blame Frieden for his silence.

Tilston-Redican emphasized his and Till’s desire to keep the pianos accessible to everyone.

Of note, the local mentors emphasized that peer leaders are not meant to act as therapists.

But he also emphasized his commitment to ethics reform as part of his appeal as a candidate.

He emphasized the company would be hiring 275 people in Moncton even if Sykes wasn’t closing.

He emphasized that anyone who has had an issue with a trooper should contact a district office.

Ultimately, the goal is to restore function, not just form or appearance, Brandacher emphasized.

Sanders emphasized the importance of making sure Veterans Affairs healthcare is more accessible.

Everything that can be done at European level to make France safe will be done, it is emphasized.

He said she has emphasized “preserving the value of people’s homes” over helping renters and others.

Postl emphasized the candidates still have to be highly qualified and able to take on the schooling.

The former adviser emphasized that the dinner was a social occasion, not a strategy session, however.

It didn’t really influence my view of sex, just emphasized the importance of not having a gag reflex.

Lawyer Donald Bayne has also emphasized how much the party leadership bought in to what he was doing.

He emphasized that persons involved in committing grave crimes must not be eligible for being elected.

Coming into the season, Tsipis emphasized playing a tough schedule to impress the selection committee.

School aesthetic course experiment has been emphasized for 19 years.

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