enable in a sentence

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Learn how to use enable in a sentence – Example sentences:

The scholarship enable her to go to college.

Language enable us to communicate with other people.

Experiments will enable you to find out what is wrong.

Can you show me how to enable the internal modem on my computer?Airplanes enable people to travel great distances rapidly.

Airplanes enable us to travel around the world in a few days.

Reading novels can enable us to temporarily forget our probleMs. enactThe following example of sick humor will enable you to judge for yourself.

I afterward sold them to enable me to buy R.

Burton’s Historical Collections.

Ensuring that a child’s basic needs are met helps enable them to reach their full potential.

Ensuring that a child’s basic needs are met helps to enable them to reach their full potential.

Einstein said that a unified super-theory of everything would enable us to “read the mind of God.

“Malcolm Forbes once observed that education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

enableNew employment programs announced by the government will enable small businesses to hire more students for the summer.

New discoveries in genetics may someday enable doctors to detect many inherited diseases before people actually develop them.

Race car driver Mario Andretti once said that desire is the key to motivation, but it’s determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal, a commitment to excellence, that will enable you to attain the success you seek.

934247When you tap Enable, an Update button may appear to the left.

We’ve got to put them in a position to get help and not enable them.”

964169You will need to enable JavaScript in order to view the Gallery.

What the products can enable at businesses was potentially breathtaking.

In the next phase we are planning to enable VoiP calls and web browsing.”

Enable notifications to get on-the-spot updates on the stories you’ve read.

It can also enable hackers to operate the computer’s webcam from a distance.

Doing this will enable you to truly master the art & science of achievement.

Vision systems enable machines to see, learn and react to their surroundings.

“It will enable workers to catalogue the collection and organise exhibitions.

416024Its primary role is to enable restoration of all the systems in your body.

It’ll enable Kyiv to stay afloat over the next months as unpopular reforms start.

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Which apps do you want to see enable 3D Touch and what menu do you want to see appear?

904368We don’t want to enable people but we do want them to know they’re not alone.”””

This will enable those Apple Pay payments and help it act as a door-opening key at hotels.

These services don’t come cheap, and neither do the smartphones that enable us to use them.

“For example, it will enable international businesses to make investments in our community.

Lorna Labuschagne held the tip of the trunk to enable the elephant to breathe unencumbered.

You have to go into BIOS setup (press F2 during POST), and change the setting to enable F12.

These products include chip and ICs that enable a product to interact using this technology.

The donations go to diverse organizations to enable them to spread cheer during the holidays.

The ComCom also decided that the merger would not enable it to foreclose downstream competitors.

Apple Pay uses a short-range wireless system called NFC to enable payments from a mobile device.

The hearing in Luxembourg will enable the court to produce its preliminary ruling on the policy.

They all urged passage of the bill, saying it would enable theater producers to take more chances.

It contains one-page reference cards to enable quick and easy access to basic and key information.

Brands will have overall control over their analytics data to enable them to make informed decisions.

530446One experiment is a type of greenhouse that aims to enable astronauts to grow lettuce in space.

157403Check the ‘Enable Auto Refresh’ checkbox to automatically refresh the map data every 5 minutes.

This could enable China to peak its CO2 emissions by 2025, five years earlier than its current target.

These properties enable the ambulatory monitoring of patients during daily life.

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