encourages in a sentence

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Learn how to use encourages in a sentence – Example sentences:

It also encourages victimhood and abdication of personal responsibility.

Our school encourages sports.

Democracy encourages freedom.

My homestay mom always encourages me to speak English.

I once saw a bumper sticker that read, “Don’t vote – it only encourages them.

“Good facilitation in the classroom encourages interest, participation and active debate.

A spirit of fun should be a part of all education because it encourages students to participate and learn.

Experiential learning encourages students to use the knowledge they have gained, and add to it through direct experience.

The hierarchical nature of the school system in this country encourages abuses by those at the top towards those below them.

Zen Buddhism encourages individuals to seek the Buddha nature within themselves, and to practice a disciplined form of sitting meditation.

The World Health Organization recently stated that cigarette brands should not be identified in movies because the practice encourages people to smoke.

The design for the new building encourages a natural migration of the students towards certain common areas where they can meet to chat or have lunch after class.

The boys on the team have a lot of respect for their coach because he listens to what they say, and always encourages them, rather than just criticizing them for every mistake.

He encourages a venture capitalist to take the other side of his bet.

It encourages all to keep trying as every effort counts,” Spring said.

Is it a healthy cultural norm that encourages human drive and potential?

Each session and panel is relaxed and encourages audience participation.

By doing the same thing she encourages in others: rely on a support group.

The Snappers encourages good sportsmanship, teamwork, goal-setting and fun.

She also encourages people to watch out for yellow and pink tags on some fish.

He also encourages the kids to take a look at their surroundings for story ideas.

It engenders positive sentiment and encourages a more efficient form of consumption.

This is a movie that encourages us to see the excitement and valor in little things.

They will happen reasonably quickly because the Internet encourages economies of scale.

Sunday also encourages IT organizations to become the best promoters within the Oracle.

But which standard encourages appropriate capital allocations, and which might cloak it?

This discourages productivity and encourages the dissolution of the family,” argues FFP.

The firm encourages entrepreneurs to take a deeper look at how they spend their downtime.

186711Depression just encourages me into my cocoon,”” says Serena, one of the trainees.”

Byrne encourages host families to share photos and stories about their hosting experience.

It encourages students and adults to come forward with information about suspicious people.

The DGAC encourages dietary patterns that are low in saturated fat, added sugars and sodium.

And it started a program that encourages employees to speak up if they find a safety concern.

In an episode of “Pioneers of Tomorrow,” a cartoon character encourages a boy to beat up Jews.

They are all faces with broad smiles – the government officially encourages citizens to smile.

Ivy also encourages homeowners with wooden decks to keep it clean and clear from pine needles.

Samsung encourages users to keep their software and apps updated at all times, added a spokesman.

March 1991 – After the coalition expels Iraq from Kuwait, the U.S. encourages the Kurds to rebel.

Noseworthy says she encourages any young person engaging in self harm to tell someone they trust.

On her Tumblr account, Aqsa encourages others to be strong for ISIS because the rewards are many.

The city’s permitting process actually encourages this type of work here in the Inland Northwest.

“Generally, BirdsCaribbean encourages governments to look for sustainable options for development.

The disparate impact concept encourages and requires people to think about race in every decision.

This positive week definitely encourages me and gives me a lot of confidence for Shanghai, he said.

Additionally, SAGU encourages student and staff veteran networking and visits military bases monthly.

It also encourages adherents to engage in missionary activity.

The Common Agricultural Policy encourages intensive, destructive and unhealthy farming.

Nitrates contribute to nutrient enrichment which encourages algal growth and blooms.

Nitrates contribute to nutrient enrichment which encourages algal growth and blooms.

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