ending in a sentence

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Learn how to use ending in a sentence – Example sentences:

Some critics disliked the abstruse plot and deliberately enigmatic ending.

Abyss won the contest, ending the feud.

In all three persons, the ablative singular ending is identical to the accusative singular.

Oh, I didn’t like the ending.

The small car boom is ending.

A good beginning makes a good ending.

South African lifestyles changed drastically with the ending of apartheid.

Why do so many songs finish by fading away? Can’t anybody write an ending to a song anymore?’osity’ is an abstract noun word ending created from the ending of an ‘ous’ adjective.

Hernando Cortez conquered the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1521, ending the Aztec Empire.

The tragic ending of the film “Titanic” made teenage girls the world over break down in tears.

The movie has a number of interesting twists in the plot, and an ending guaranteed to surprise everyone.

Anthony D’Angelo once said that we should become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.

The author decided to change the ending to the story, and threw away the last fifty pages of her manuscript.

South Africa was boycotted for many years in an effort to pressure the government into ending its apartheid policy.

The ending of the movie was totally ambiguous.

I guess we have to decide for ourselves what really happened.



Rees once suggested that education is a continuous process ending only when ambition comes to a halt.

The fall of communism has been described as the sad ending of a political experiment which began with the best of intentions.

In the first meeting, the President met with the rebel leader to discuss a framework for negotiations towards ending the conflict.

Ending up with being called a measles exporting country by the rest of the world, something that you could take as insult or truth.

I don’t really like the average Hollywood movie.

They generally have such cliché plots, and they usually end predictably with a happy ending.

In March of 1943, the Allies won an important battle in the Bismarck Sea, ending efforts by Japan to send reinforcements to its troops in New Guinea.

In the book “Alice in Wonderland”, the Cheshire Cat vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail, and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had disappeared.

I’ve been told to stop shouting about ending gun violence, she said.

Tom Corbett declined to reappoint Maiale, ending his 22-year service.

Maybe you just want to know how to avoid ending up in a similar spot.

She says she is for ending “the state of war on the Korean peninsula.”

That was the most pitiful excuse EVER for an ending to a great sitcom.

Gear up, ship out and take on a never-ending parade of walking corpses.

Don’t expect that to happen during the current quarter ending in March.

Martinez worked for Denver Public Schools for 10 years, ending in 2012.

“We are very strict about not ending up in jail,” Knott said last week.

A manager for the couple confirmed that that they were ending treatment.

He finished the race for the first time that year, ending in 36th place.

Sure, they cry like the world is ending at first, but they quickly move on.

Moviegoers trembled and teared up, but of course, there was a happy ending.

Low 13 C. Monday: A few showers ending in the afternoon then mainly cloudy.

The notion of ending the export ban found a receptive audience in Oklahoma.

Click here to learn more about ending petlessness and how to donate to OHS.

388734It doesn’t appear to be a season-ending thing or anything like that.”

How about ending the debate about clinching the so-called career Grand Slam?

But I fear that there will be an unhappy ending to one country, two systeMs. U.S. stocks are ending the day little changed at the end of a volatile week.

It’s a story she knows too well that could have had a very different ending.

A dream season for the Cubs, meanwhile, may be headed for a familiar ending.

766597The Pirates were unable to make a win, with an ending score of 46-54.

For the full year ending March, net income rose 4.0 percent to $3.92 billion.

Coffman originally was signed after the season-ending injury to Jimmy Graham.

It’s a long-term business, and the Syrian conflict isn’t ending anytime soon.

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